Men’s Rush TV – 185cm!!イケメンバスケ男子♪ブッ太い巨根から大量発射!! – BOB-101

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A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:32 - "185cm! Onataring EX] CASE:32 - "185cm! A good looking basketball guy♪ He makes his abs flutter and shoots a lot of cum from his big fat dick! And you can see him come twice!
"Would you like to turn your masturbation into money? The straight guy this time is Yuto, who stands out in the streets of Shibuya with his 185.70.20 looks and outstanding style. He was very reluctant to tell me that he was a model because he knew I was a gay model, but we managed to negotiate with the girl who was with him, who was actually a friend he had recently picked up. ! She also has a firm six-pack and well-developed inverted triangular back muscles, which she has developed through club activities! In the middle of such a drool-worthy, club-aged, erotic body, there is a big cock that you can see even if it's not erect....

I gave her some erotic DVDs, prepared some masturbators and asked her to masturbate as usual, but she was so horny that I wanted to mess with her cock and stimulated it with an electric horn, which she said was a first for her...
When I explained to her that I didn't want her to cum right away, she snickered and said, "Who would cum with such a thing? As soon as I turned on the electric stimulator, he said, "What? Can I come? Oh, oh, oh, oh! No, no, not yet! She let go of the electric horn, but......... Pop! Pop! Pop! And it spurts out! Seriously.... The first time I saw him, he was so excited that I had to take a picture of him with a big cock.

I was about to give up and say that this was the end of it this time, when Youto declared that he might be able to cum one more time if he used a masturbator! I was ready to give it another shot...but I was still erect even though I had just cum! And it's so thick and big! This time, the staff left the room to let her relax and take it easy. Now, what kind of pleasure will he enjoy in the room alone?

『ノンケの痴態を見たい!!』だけの為に作られた新レーベル【オナタリングEX】CASE:32〜「185cm!!イケメンバスケ男子♪バキバキ腹筋をヒクつかせブッ太い巨根から大量発射!! しかもまさかの2回イキが見れちゃうんです〜♪」
「普段のオナニーをお金に変えてみませんか?」そんな甘い誘いにイケメン達がこぞって順番待ちの【オナタリングEX】 今回のノンケ男子は185.70.20のルックス、スタイル抜群で渋谷の街中でもめちゃ目立っていたユウト君♪ 可愛いらしいルックスなのに性格は男臭さムンムン♪彼女と買い物中だったので簡単なモデルバイトが、とサラッと話し後日モニタールームに^ ^モデルと言ってもゲイビモデルと知り、めちゃめちゃ渋られましたがそこはギャラの力でなんとか交渉成立♪一緒にいた女の子、実は最近ナンパしたセフレだとか^^モテモテ男子、お盛んです^^早速ボディチェックから☆めちゃ脚が長い!!更に部活で鍛えられたバキバキの6パック、逆三角形に発達した広背筋!!そんな垂涎の部活焼けしたエロボディの真ん中には勃っていなくても亀頭のデカさが分かるエロチンがブラブラと…


これで今回は終わりと諦めていると、ユウト君から「オナホならワンチャンもう一回イケるかも、」とまさかのチャレンジ宣言!! ならばと準備^^ってかイッたばかりなのにすぐギンギン!! しかもめちゃ太くてデカい!!今回はゆっくりリラックスしてやってもらう為にスタッフは退室。さて、1人っきりの部屋でどんな快感を貪るのか、ユウト君の秘密部屋♪お楽しみに〜^^!!
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