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Hunky cops arresting bank robbers in modern day Los Angeles and naked cowboys rutting in the wild West are linked by a resurrected H. G. Wells time machine in this sexually charged tale of a grief stricken LAPD cop going back in time to rescue his gay brother who's been fatally wounded his first day on the force. Thrown into the mix are an awesome double penetration fuck scene, self-sucking, shooting guns, shooting cocks, and a horny doctor who takes care of the gunshot wounds and takes hold of the other weapons before they explode. Standout performer here is Masters, portraying a veteran cop. A former Marine, Masters is the ultimate hot top, possessing a perfect physique, a huge rod that he loves to shove in another guy's butt, and a genuinely endearing, totally engaging personality. He comes across as a natural whether delivering his lines or his man meat. His ever present killer smile would convince even "Dr." Laura that one man fucking another is perfectly normal and not the least bit deviant.

The five sex scenes are all superb, presented with the flawless technical quality that Daniels brings to his videos. He has an unerring eye for sex appeal in the models he casts and a splendid knack for combining them in hot sex scenes with plenty of action, shot from a variety of angles. Masters is featured in the second and last scenes, going at it with gap-toothed twink, Sloane, as a frisky stable hand and lanky Scalia as the sheriff. Masters pounds Sloane's butt in at least five different positions, making him lose one nine-squirt load halfway through the scene while his hole is getting plugged, and then another almost as big just before Masters shoots his own major explosion. At one point in the final scene, as the sex crazed Scalia pumps his butt back onto Masters's thick, throbbing sausage, Masters clasps his hands behind his head, stretches his super buffed torso and has a look of unparalleled ecstasy. He lets loose ribbon after ribbon of cum all over the place.

The opening scene between Scott, playing Masters's younger brother, and Chevalier, playing Scott's lover, showcases nicely Scott's awesome self-sucking talent. He licks and sucks his own cock standing up and lying down, sharing the savory mushroom head with dark haired cutie pie Chevalier. When Scott fucks Chevalier he twists and turns his butt and slaps his partner's ass cheeks. Scott unleashes a 12-spurt cum shot, the first and best of the video.

A second set of brothers, Frank and Jesse James, played by Ford and Roberts, figure in both the modern day robbery and the 19th century setting visited by Masters through the magic of the time machine. They also figure in a wild four-way sex scene that culminates with hot little cowboy Brooks getting plowed by the two James brothers' massive tools at once.

After Masters time travels back to the old West, landing there naked, the James brothers wound deputy Wilder, who is taken to the doctor's office to be patched up by buzz cut blond Davis, a sex machine in a white coat. When Davis tells Wilder he's lucky to have survived the shooting, Wilder asks just how lucky, and Davis proceeds to demonstrate with his mouth, tongue, fingers and cock that the lawman is lucky indeed.

Daniels plays H. G. Wells, both the original and his great grandson. It's the one casting mistake of the video. Daniels was a fine porn actor and still looks great. He's outstanding as a director. But in his goofy non-sexual role here he falls flat. The special effects are pretty good except for the rendering of the time machine. It brings to mind the clunky props used in early sci-fi movies. Those are minor blemishes, though, and Time Cops ranks in the top tier of gay porn.

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