♺ Gag the Fag Ryan Starr

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-01 |
Ryan Starr has enormous lips that make him look like he's got fat cunt-lips plastered sideways on his face.  He also has a cocky attitude that just begs to be taken down a notch.  This is a common problem with whores who've been in dozens of porn movies: They believe that all of their experience sucking dick on camera somehow makes them superior.  How delusional!  I'm proud to say that it only took us a few minutes to wipe the smirk off Ryan's face and put him in his proper place.  Even better - toward the end as his huge lips are getting worn out, he almost looks like he's going to cry.  You've gotta love it.

To humiliate Ryan even more, we shaved off his facial hair, and then I had him drink about a quart of water.  I wanted to see what would happen to someone getting throat-fucked with a belly full of liquid.  Let's just say the results were explosive - repeatedly explosive.  (Grin.)

Jorge and I ended the scene by using his face as a cum dumpster, completing the transformation of Ryan Starr from a cocky porn star fag to a used and degraded piece of shit.  Thanks, Ryan!
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