HBWL - Max vs Ronny

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DescriptionHBWL: Hometown Boys Wrestling League
Max vs. Ronny

This video is a contest between Ronny and his friend-with-benefits, Max. Ronny goes to Max's house, looking for a little action, and is displeased to find Max downstairs exercising. Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Ronny laughs at Max and mocks his fitness efforts.

Ronny, of course, is in awesome shape, and he rides Max pretty good about it, making Max a little annoyed. Max gets off the exercise equipment and challenges Ronny to do better. When Ronny starts up the exercise, he quickly gets bored (and is still horny) so he challenges Max to a little fitness contest. The idea is along the lines of strip poker... If you lose a challenge, you take off some clothes.

Max is quick to agree and the contest begins with push-ups, which Ronny easily wins. While Max is laying on the floor trying to recover from the pain, Ronny is nice enough to help Max out of his pants. Then they make out for a little while. Max then chooses the next challenge, which is sit-ups. He picks this because he knows that Ronny HATES doing sit-ups. The strategy pays off, and Ronny can't keep up with Max in this event. While he's laying down on the floor, Max is more than happy to help Ronny out of his pants, exposing his hot body being covered by only a tiny pair of bright red underwear.

Max took this opportunity to begin to again make out with Ronny, and then he got Ronny hard. While they were fooling around, Ronny got behind Max and put him in a surprise full nelson. He then announced (while Max was locked into the hold) that the final contest between the 2 underwear clad contestants was to see who could stay awake the longest.... Even though Max was taken by surprise, he fought surprisingly hard and Ronny really had a hard time getting Max to go to sleep.

Eventually, however, Max could not escape the hold and finally drifted off to sleep. While he was laid out, Ronny dragged him to the middle of the floor and checked out the work he had done... When Max woke up, he wasn't very happy about the surprise move on Ronny's part. He got up behind Ronny and put a sleeper hold on Ronny that took Ronny by surprise as well. While he tightened up on the hold, he explained to Ronny that while he announced the contest was a knock out contest, he never specified how the KO had to happen. It only took a few seconds for Ronny to be fast asleep, and clearly the loser of the contest. Since Ronny was the loser, Max decided to things along by stripping Ronny naked. Still asleep, Ronny offered no resistance as his underwear were taken from him and he was fully exposed and vulnerable to anything Max wanted to do.

Instead of having his way, he thought it would be more fun to wake up Ronny who was going to be clearly humiliated by already being naked, and especially by losing the contest he thought up! When Ronny woke up, all he could do was pay off his bet, which was to give the victor a well deserved blow job.

About half way through the blow job, Max's conscience got the better of him and he admitted to more or less cheating. He then turned things around and gave Ronny a long blow job, and then laid Ronny out on the floor and made him cum. Ronny came all over Max's face and while Max was laying flat out, covered in Ronny's cum, Ronny took the opportunity to once again knock Max out and spread him eagle on the floor for a while.

He finally woke Max up and the two walked off together.
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