♺ Bobby Garcia's Hand to Hand 2 (Frat House Boys)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-07 |
More from Bobby Garcia, the chubby guy who was always filming hot (and sometimes hideous) military personnel in his dumpy-looking apartment. The guy's stuff is starting to become classic vintage with a cult following, since it's much more real than the output of baitbus and Corbin Fisher and the like, which always involves a bunch of gay guys pretending to be straight. I remember each scene costing $1.39 or $1.79 to view on radvideo.tv, and now they all seem to be $3, which is a higher rate for presumed top quality.

Quality video it's not; the color and lighting are horrendous. There's a story about Frat House Boys buying the rights to Bobby's videos and then sending him to a training course on lighting for his future videos. The result? Even lousier lighting. In any case, awful lighting aside, this video happens to have some cute twinkies. Mmm!

Aaaaany seed bonus would be appreciated. I'm dying to get my ratio back above 1 but it seems to be taking months! Thanks to the original ripper.

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