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Starring Al Parker, Beau Matthews, Bob Moore, Scott Taylor, Sky Dawson, Steve Scott, Jim Rodgers, Joel Thomas, John Trent, Greg Dale and J.W. King.  This was one of Al Parker's Surge Studio's creations, and some of the scenes were believed to have been based on Al's own exploits.  In any case, the action in Turned On reflects a gay porn industry still that was largely operating with the go-go heyday sexual standards of the 1970's.  The disease that had already begun to get attention would start to be called AIDS during this year.  And by the end of 1982, many more people were taking notice of this new problem.  To his credit, Al Parker is known as one of the first advocates of safe sex in the gay porn industry, and he was one of the first gay stars to publically support the use of condoms in films.  That being said, this was still 1982 and so Turned On is filled with pre-condom fucking, 1970's clone era beards and moustaches, nasty sailors, leather bikers, sex toys, dirty talk, really hairy crotches, orgies, self-oral and anal sex, and all kinds of sperm shooting everywhere.  Sex was man-to-man and it was butch.

The opening scene has Al Parker following the object of his lust--SkyDawson--into a public bathroom, only to lose him. So Al ends up fucking a tight blond (Joel Thomas) instead.  It's a busy place with lots of action.  The stall door accidentally swings open and Parker sees another man (Greg Dale) servicing Sky Dawson's uncut cock over by the sinks.  By the time Al finishes breeding his bottom, Dawson has shot his load and left.

The rest of the movie is an elaborately staged fantasy, which includes Parker servicing a row of guys wearing jockstraps.  In addition to his looks, Al became a big star because he really enjoyed men, and it shows in this movie as he moves down the line of cocks.  Halfway through, Al's beard is already covered with the white cum of numerous men, as he anxiously opens his mouth in anticipation of getting yet more loads after loads.  Scott Taylor offers something most of us don't see everyday...a man stuffing his own cock up his ass.  It sort of takes the phrase "go fuck yourself" to a new and fun place once you see someone actually doing it.  Show off.

The film ends at a steam room orgy that has been compared to Italian art house films that were popular back then.  Every man (except Parker) is wearing a Sky Dawson mask.  The men are bathed in pink light as their masculine bodies lust after the cocks of other men.  It's a dreamy gallery of super masculine stereotypes, including a sailor (Jim Rodgers), a cowboy (Bob Moore), a businessman (J.W. King), a logger (John Trent), a hooded leatherman (who may or not be Dawson), and a construction worker (Beau Matthews).

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