♺ StraightHell Dave Chapter 7

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Original upload: 2009-01-27 00:48:27

Here it is: The finale Chapter (so far) in Straighthell.net's DAVE SAGA

Straight Dave is back in his favorite public mens room. Dave's two masters have rigged Dave up in this grimy toilet, ankles spread, with a money bucket hanging off his nuts - and as punters start filing into the toilets, They invite them to give him a few whacks with their belt.

The first couple of straight guys aren't entirely sure about paying to spank this naked guy. But they quickly see how fun it is to really let go and hurt someone.

More and more punters gather around, drawn by the noise and excitement, pushing into line to take their turn at this sadistic game. Ignoring Dave's obvious agony and humiliation, they continue to take turns whacking him, with some boys even returning with more change to take a second go.
With each new tormentor, the jeering and shouting becomes louder, as the men spur each other on to hit even harder, each showing off how much pain they can can inflict on this miserable little queer.

There is  no sex in this chapter just extrime flogging and verbal humilation.

One of the best role-play video series.
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