Goodstuff74 without beard

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Description"without beard" in the literal sense, hope that didn't get your hopes up.  He had mentioned during a previous broadcast the beard was going and while I myself prefer the beard (and appreciate what a drag they are in the warmer months) I still find something very compelling about this man.  If it wasn't for the missing teeth I'd say he was a dead ringer for my high school maths teacher who I never once calculated the odds of bedding down with.  Again, just the rhythmic flow of him pulling on his member with a brief bit of excitement for what he calls an ethnic fire drill (what seemed like the real possibility of someone walking in on him) and his own personal excitement whenever what appears to be female appears in his chat room.  So very desperate and yet...

He seems to be on multiple sites at once because he does chat with people who aren't in the room, cam4 is not the other site to the watermarked one far as I could tell.

Goodstuff74 without beard.mp4
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Could I just once stumble upon some good stuff like this good stuff doing good stuff and get it to give me a good stuff?
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