♺ [Man's Best] - BoyTropolis #1 - *bareback*

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-09-17 |
Boytropolis is a mystical tale of a pretty, dark-haired guy (not identified) who discovers a sexual paradise high up in the mountains. At Boytropolis, a tribe of loincloth-clad youths drink off a magic green elixir, stay forever young and beautiful and spend their days and night screwing each other's brains out.

Unfortunately, if one of them is deprived of this potion, they vanish in a puff of smoke. (these Shangri-La references are references to the old movie Lost Horizon). Perhaps a message here is addiction of any kind leads to self-destruction.

When our visitor arrives at Boytropolis, he takes the elixir. What follows is a swirl of youthful sexual encounters, including solos, heated duets and hot threesomes. There's lots of boyjuice unloading on smooth faces too. Throw in a couple of good orgies for good measure, and we get a nice grab bag of sexual delights.

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