♺ Gay Patrol - Breaking and Entering Leads to a Hard Arrest

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Original upload: 2016-12-16 03:24:46 |
Nov 22, 2016
We got a call from dispatch about a possible 211s in progress, we went in to investigate. We found the suspect hiding between some boxes in the back of the warehouse. He was disoriented when we caught him. Apparently, he was sleeping. After we apprehended him we started to question the suspect. He told us that he was looking for a place to sleep after getting kicked out of his house for cheating. We were going to turn in this cheating son of a bitch to lock up when my partner came up with a better idea. To avoid paper work we told the suspect to suck our dicks and let us fuck him. If he cooperated we’d let him walk. Turns out this criminal know how to handle a dick. He sucked us off good and then he let us pound his ass and he took it like a champ. After we came on him. Well he still needed a place to sleep. So we took him to county.
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