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For fans of the golden age of bodybuilding. No p0rn.

Three DVD rips featuring the fab Mentzer brothers, working out,
pumping up, posing and generally raising muscle mayhem
wherever they go. Plus two bonus DVD rips featuring Mike.

Mike Mentzer (1951-2001) started bodybuilding at the age of
twelve. The thinking man's bodybuilder, Mike was also a
philosopher, author and businessman. Mike took the 1979 Mr
Olympia (HW) title with a perfect score of 300. Some say the
most perfect muscled body ever. Mike was famous for his heavy
duty (HIT) training programs. He was found dead by his brother
Ray in their apartment on June 10, 2001. His untimely death
came as a shock to the world-wide bodybuilding community.

Ray Mentzer (1953-2001) followed in his brother's muscular
footsteps, promoting the HIT training system. He won the 1979
Mr America. Under the tutelage of HIT pioneer Arthur Jones,
Ray bulked up to to over 250 lbs and could squat 900 lbs. Two
days after finding Mike dead in their apartment, Ray passed away
from complications due to Berger's disease, a chronic kidney

Learn more about Mike & Ray here:

This video extravangaza features the following five DVD rips.
The original DVDs were all sourced from videotape masters:

663 MB 640x480 1:00:09  Mike & Ray Mentzer In The Gym.mp4
582 MB 640x480 0:59:47  Mike Mentzer At the Beach and Muscle Rocks.mp4
886 MB 640x480 1:23:02  Mike Mentzer The Final Chapter with Ray Mentzer.mp4
561 MB 640x480 1:00:00  Mike Mentzer & Contemporaries.mp4
748 MB 640x480 0:59:47  Mike Mentzer & Manuel Perry & Sergio Oliva.mp4

The first three above are available as DVDs here:

The last two are a bonus only in this torrent.


Mike & Ray Mentzer In The Gym

The awesome Mentzer brothers, fueled by their intense rivalry,
show what they can do when they pump iron. Filmed in the gym in
Los Angeles, they blast their way through demo workouts with
a little less than the actual weights they normally used.

Mike and Ray each go through one of their most incredible
workouts, muscles dripping with sweat. The intensity, muscle
display and sheer power will shock you.

After Mike flexes and poses each muscle group, hard and pumped,
they head for Venice Beach. Ray Mentzer oils, pumps and poses
in a fantastic solo presentation, for the final 15 minutes.


Mike Mentzer At the Beach and Muscle Rocks

In this exclusive 60-minute feast of muscle, the legendary
Mike Mentzer flexes, tenses, oils, pumps, and poses. Filmed
while at his all-time peak condition, when Mike was current
Mr Universe in 1978 winning with a perfect score of 300
undefeated. Mike really turned on a heavy duty display. The
close-ups of his huge arms, calves, and chest are awesome.

You will see a complete posing and pumping display of every
muscle from every angle reflecting definition, muscle mass,
and veins. Full body posing, close-ups, relaxed, tensed. It's
all there. The most astonishing muscle display from the master
of them all, Mike Mentzer.


Mike Mentzer The Final Chapter with Ray Mentzer

This 3rd and final video consists of all remaining segments of
Mike and Ray Mentzer in one super video feature. It is a tribute
to these two wonderful bodybuilders who sadly passed away in June
2001. The first half of the video is devoted to Mike with Part 2
showcasing Ray. Here is a brief description of the various segments.

The legendary Mike Mentzer at his awesome best - a full length home
posing and pumping display with closeups on all body parts. This was
filmed in Mike's apartment, in West LA in July 1978. It was the final
solo posing session shot with Mike. He was in ripped pre-contest
condition and performed muscle control that will blow your mind,
including the incredibly difficult isolation rope pose. Every muscle
fibre, every vein and every sinew was on display as the camera goes
right in for some incredible closeups.

Mike displayed each body part in slow, deliberate flexing, rippling
poses. He gave his absolute all. Includes oiling, pumping and dumbell
workout. A brutal filming session - according to a sweat soaked Mike.
See what he had to say about this filming session in his comments
written into his training book at the end of the shoot.

Further segments are as follows:

* Mike training in the gym in 1977 with posing between exercises.
* Guest posing at the 1977 IFBB Mr America contest in LA.
* Pumping with steel cables and posing indoors in 1978.
* Guest posing in Los Angeles in April 1978.
* 1979 Mr Olympia Heavyweight Class winner using from 2 different cameras.
* 1980 final guest posing appearance at the Mr South Australia, May 1980.


Mike Mentzer & Contemporaries

Mike and his bodybuilding comrades workout, pump up and flex. Includes
segments featuring the following masters of the muscle craft:

Mike Mentzer
Frank Zane
Guy Claude Pepin
Serge Nubret
Ernest Santiago
Rod Koontz
Sergio Oliva
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Mike Mentzer & Manuel Perry & Sergio Oliva

All massive, all muscle, all winners.

The coverage of Mike overlaps the shoot in his apartment found in
The Final Chapter.

Massive Manuel Perry pumps up, oils and poses at the beach.

Legendary Sergio Oliva from Cuba finishes the video with some
poolside oiling and posing.

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