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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-07-04 |

- muscular hunks put under severe torture. From common electro, branding, racked, mutilation, strength-testing to the far-out weird, eg. alien probe and even firecrackers.
- clips from various films and TV shows. Sourced from various online sites - youtube, etc.

This is my 1st torrent upload. Pls. bear with my slow upload bandwidth.
If you want to have more, let me know and I'll put together more collections.

Collection 1
video clips
24 _s6e00 - Prequel.avi
24_3_31 chase electro tortured a.mpg
24_3_31 chase gasoline tortured.mpg
24_3_32 chase electro tortured.mpg
Air Strike electro torture.mpg
American Hunter_whip electric.avi
American Ninja 1 - Michael Dudikoff.mpg
Armed Response _accupunture.avi
ball torture 007 style.flv
Barracuda - hogtied.wmv
Batismo de Sangue - brazilian electrical hogtied.avi
Beastmaster shackled and helpless.wmv
Beatrice Cenci.clip.avi
Brad Davis feet beat Midnight Express.wmv
Braddock - Miss In Action III.avi
Caesar the Conqueror - chest whipping branding.avi
Captain Zoom4 - Electric Torture.mp4
Coronation St - handcuff.avi
cowboy strung up _mexican.flv
Cyborg - VanDamme crucifixion.avi
Deadly_Heroes - MichaelPare electro.avi
Deathstalker III.avi
Decoy - pinata beaten.avi
Deli Yurek _Turkish - Whip Branding Electro.avi
Final Cut Serial Killer.avi
Flash Gordon - misc elec-tortured.avi
garage torture - everybody hurts.avi
High Chapparal e22 - upsideDown-whip.avi
interrog electro _korean.flv
Master & Commander -  flogging.wmv
mutantX _s1e19.avi
My Own Worst Enemy _s1e04 - Tom tortured_1.avi
Over There _Bo tortured.avi
Prison Break _s3e09_1 - waterboarding.avi
Prison Break _s3e09_2 - whistler.avi
rambo 1.mpg
RedGreen Firecrackers.mpg
Rise of the Footsoldier_1.avi
Rise of the Footsoldier_making of.flv
robin hood - will torture hot iron.flv
Seven Days - Frank electro tortured 1.avi
Showdown in Little Tokyo - BrandonLee DolphLundgren.wmv
Slaughter House Rock - Nicholas Cellozi.avi
Sleeper Cell _s2e03 - whipFoot Electricity Branding.avi
Starhunter _s1e12 _electric.avi
Strike Commando - reb brown.flv
Striker - electro.avi
Supernatural _s3e15 - heartout.avi
Taken - alien probed.avi
The Collector -s2e11 - The Ripper.avi
The Eleventh Hour__electro_.avi
The Eleventh Hour_all.avi
The Firing Line _electro only _all.avi
The Firing Line _full.avi
The Passion.avi
The Punisher - rack torture.avi
The Tudors _racked_chunk_1.avi
The Tudors Rack Torture _s2e09 - racked.avi
Three Kings - Mark Wahlberg electro.avi
Wire in the Blood _s6e01e02.avi
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