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Beef: You Are What You Eat (2007)

CategoryThemed Movie
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DescriptionEnglish | Subs: none | mov | USA | http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1103969/ |

The First Serial Killer Movie With Bodybuilders On The Menu!

Beef: You Are What You Eat
Director's Extended Version
Language: English
No subtitles

BEEF is the story of Drew, an introverted young man, bullied and abused throughout his life, who aspires to be a body builder, but can't quite achieve his goals.
His sanity ends when his girlfriend leaves him and he's beaten up and bullied just one too many times.
He begins luring local body builders to his apartment, where he drugs them, then strangles them to death, and cuts them up, wallowing in their blood and guts, as he searches for the ultimate key to health and strength. Inevitably his search leads him to an ancient secret which adds new truth and meaning to the expression: "you are what you eat."

BEEF is the first horror movie to feature body builders as the innocent victims of a psychopathic killer.
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