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Chaosmen - Alexandro Pack

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DescriptionChaosMen - 0740 - Alexandro.wmv (solo).
Chaosmen - 0741 - Alexandro and Teo Serviced.mp4 (oral).
ChaosMen - 0743 - Alexandro and Gerin RAW.mp4 (bareback).
Chaosmen - 0804 - Alexandro and Jake RAW.mp4 (bareback).

Release date: September 27, 2010
Video Number: 740
Alexandro is all the way from South America. Surprisingly his English is very good for someone who learned it later in life. Only a slight accent, but I did notice a few phrases he didn't understand, but yet had a lot of current slang down. He's not much of television watcher, so maybe he picked it up from American movies.

OK, so I started talking about the less obvious thing about him first. The obvious thing is, he is one giant slab of Latin Beef! Grade A with a giant uncut cock. It's huge! It totally gives Hagan a run for the money in length, but it is way fatter! His body is massive too. I felt like a little pixie next to him. But I think Alexandro is a gentle giant. Very engaging, fun to talk with, an all-around amiable type of guy. He is almost 30, and to be honest, it was a little refreshing talking to a more mature guy.

Alexandro has girlfriend, so he is unsure if he will do more. I think I can get him to do oral, and I am going to try REALLY hard to see if I can get him to fuck petite little Gerin, who seems to hunger for Daddy types with big dicks. So hold tight (with both hands!) and let's see where this one goes!

Alexandro and Teo Serviced:
Release date: October 6, 2010
Video Number: 741
Why oh why didn't I blow Alexandro? (Oh yeah, cuz there is way too much of it on the site already.) But I was kicking myself while Alexandro was doing his solo. He has one beautiful fat uncut cock. Slurp!

You see, I had Teo all setup the next day "just in case" Alexandro wanted to get his dick sucked while he was here doing his solo. I figured Teo would excel at dealing with an uncut cock, and he does a fine job. But Teo had lockjaw after only 3-4 minutes. And to honest, I think I would have too! Alexandro was atypically quiet for a guy who I thought would be open-minded to having another guy blow him. Which makes for a good "Nervous Straight Guy Gets Blown for the First Time" type of video.

We broke a couple times to take photos, and Teo just kept laughing at how huge Alexandro's cock was, and relieved he was only blowing him and felt sorry for the poor guy who was going to (hopefully for us) sit on it! Teo also steps up his game by letting Alexandro cum in his mouth, sucking the last drop out of his ginormous uncut cock!

Alexandro and Gerin RAW:
Release date: January 21, 2011
Video Number: 773
Alexandro has a big fat cock, and it took me a while to find someone willing to take it. Gerin was just the boy. As usual Gerin responds to be bossed around, and Alexandro, while maybe not bossy, he definitely takes control of the situation and I think he totally got off on finding someone to take really take his cock. Especially after knowing he likes to fuck girls up the ass.

Gerin enjoyed it too, as his cock finally springs to life while being fucked. Must have been a Latin Love Connection! Gerin rides Alexandro's cock too, and the two get some chemistry going. Alexandro couldn't believe Gerin was taking his cock, and I think it kind of turned him on more when he realized that Gerin was going to cum from his ass pounding.

A lot of times the Top just can't seem to stay hard long enough to make another dude cum, but I think Alexandro actually gets harder. Gerin delivers an awesome load, followed by Alexandro quickly cumming all over and in Gerin's eager hole. Not sure how often I can find guy's to take Alexandro's cock, but the dude can really fuck!

Alexandro and Jake Lyons RAW:
Release date: April 22, 2011
Video Number: 804
This is Alexandro's second attempt at topping a dude. He's still not keen on sucking dick, so it' a little one-sided again. Jake is an aggressive bottom, and though Alexandro is laying back "chilling" while Jake works his dick, he is by no means passive like Hagan. He also knows how to use his dick and fuck with some style.

Some of these guys with super big dicks tend to be tentative, but once he saw Jake sit on his cock, I think Alexandro got even more turned on. He fucks Jake doggy style and on his back, and he really gives it to him. He's got style and rhythm that comes with maturity.

Jake is in bottom ecstasy with a fat cock going deep and hitting the spot that makes him nut. Pretty sure the hair cut he showed up will draw snarky comments from the peanut gallery, but one thing you gotta give Jake, the kid can be fucked and is an amazing bottom.

Also, in the beginning of this film, he really works Alexandro into getting turned on with full-on sensual grinding...almost challenging Alexandro. Alexandro fucks Jake till he nuts, then juices him with his own load. You really get to see how big Alexandro's cock is as he plunges his cum-soaked cock in and out. (or maybe how small Jake is!)
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