the youth leader

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Descriptionwhimpers Holger as Master Titian forces his socked feet on the hapless youth leader nose. The army have used these socks as chemical weapons before jokes Master Andre. Holger tries to bribe the bullies with 70 Euros to be freed. The boys laugh him off, slave abuse is priceless. The boys want to see the leader fall all the way to the bottom. Marcel orders theslave to remove his Nikes with his teeth, and when he finally manages to remove the red-soled footwear he is greeted by an over-powering odour.The slave recoils from the feet but has his head forced back into position by the other two masters. Then Master Andre orders his sneakers to be removed orally. When they are removed the smell is just as bad emanating from the black socks (The Black). Master Titian feeling left out forces his foot in the slaves mouth and orders him to take all five toes at once. Titian orders the slave to then remove his socks with his teeth and he is greeted with loads of toe jam and debris. The slave is eating his meal fast enough and he receives lots of kicks tothe head. All Masters must have shiny clean feet before Holger work is done. Titian then has the sick idea of clipping his toenails and making the slave eat the off cuts.
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