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BGeast kabir vs gabriel ross

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DescriptionWrestling is the oldest sport in the world. You need nothing other than yourself to compete, no balls, (well, not rubber ones anyway!) no gloves, no rackets, no equipment of any sort, other than that with which you were born. You can wrestle on grass in clothing, in a ring in full gear, on mats in singlets, or naked and covered in oil. Every culture throughout history has enjoyed wrestling in one form or another, each different one creating their own variation of the manly art.

It is truly an international sport; young boys all over the world grow up wrestling each other. Kabir Sultan, of Arab descent and originally from the Middle East, has always enjoyed wrestling, and has always gotten an erotic charge from competing with other men. When he discovered BGEast, he decided he wanted to become a part of it; to show everyone in the world how much he enjoys the sport'emotionally, physically and otherwise!

Who better to pair him off with than Gabriel, the hot young Brit stud who has risen to stardom based in no small part on his erotic motel matches' all of which became classics of the genre?

Like Kabir, just thinking about wrestling arouses Gabriel' and while he likes to be dominate and he likes it a little rough, he loves it so much that the outcome is irrelevant. He cares more about the experience, the erotic charge he gets from the match. 'Nothing makes me harder than wrestling' doing it, watching it, thinking about it.'

He accepts Kabir's challenge for a motel match, and the two meet up in a local pub for a pint before getting down to serious business. They both feel the chemistry, they both feel instantly comfortable around the other. And so it's off to the motel they head, and load the torpedoes'

Once the door shuts behind them, they abandon themselves to their pent-up passions, slamming and lip-locking each other against the wall. As the heat and aggression rises, the realization that they've connected on such a deep level and are about to share their deepest desire together overwhelms. They take a needed break from the tipping point. Playfully they begin to pillow fight, making use of the entire room as they tease and taunt each other. They strip down from their jeans and shirts to their wrestling kits, and the action is on! At first, Gabriel seems the more experienced, taking control of Kabir with Kabir always resisting and when a hold goes on for a while, they cannot help but start stroking each other and kissing - always a great distraction!

Soon Kabir learns that the best way to distract Gabriel, to control him, is to arouse him. And the more aroused Gabriel becomes, the more eye-popping his huge bulge becomes and the less he worries about defeating Kabir than he does about arousing him.

The sensuous mix of wrestling and eroticism continues until both are slowly stripped out of everything, lying naked together on the bed as they continue to drive each other mad with desire. A licked nipple here, a stroke of the ass there, and their erections are grow stronger and harder and more determined by the minute. Their lips come together, their mouths explore every muscled inch of the other's bodies, and soon all thoughts of wrestling are pushed aside by other, more urgent desires. Incredibly sensual and sexy!
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