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Everyone has their faults.  Some guys drink too much.  SOme guys eat too mcuh.  Some guys are lazy.Me...?  I fall in love.  No, really, I mean I fall in love with just about anyone that strikes my fancy. 

Usually it's a known risk I take and I'm very careful about it--mostly so I don't scare them away before I finish getting laid. Well Levi ran a Craigslist ad that simply said, WOrship My cock.  Oh, I'm in...duh!  He showed up about 2 hours later (we lived about 100 miles apart) and by the next morning we were both in love and he was moving in.

Yes, moving in...after meeting on Craigslist...the night before.  Why not?  Sure it all crashed and burned a few short weeks later, but damn I enjoyed those two weeks and from the experience remains a friend that part of me will always love.  I'll always love a certain part of him more than others--and that would be the 9"dick he just loved shoving down my throat. 

We tried the whole violent sex thing, the way I like it best, but no matter how we tried to be nasty, the end result was just like this...lovemaking at it best. 

I think of you every day, sweet prince. xo

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