♺ California Ripper vs Jon-Boy Tyler BG Enterprise

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-04-20 |
The Ripper, a beefy muscle hunk, outweighs the all-American looking Tyler. The Ripper wastes very little time in going after his target. Tyler started the match in long shiny silver warm-up tights that very quickly end up around his ankles. His sexy speedo was soon to follow and ended up in his mouth! Tyler was no pushover and also no stranger to rough rip wrestling. He turns the tables on Ripper and works over his crotch while torturing the big boy with a cross bodyscissors. Spectrum's trunks get shredded and Tyler gives him a taste of his own medicine. When they go for a submission hold, they make each other say 'I submit, Sir!' before releasing the hold.

There are many fantastic headscissors on both wrestlers - face-to-ass, face-to-balls. There's lots of ball and dick grabbing both in and out of the trunks; hot, humping full-nelsons in the raw; face-squat pins; ass-slapping and butt-stomping action. Hot action, sexy bodies, great gear, nudity, great cakes, scissors galore, intense expressions, talk that's rough and raunchy, rip wrestling, pins, submissions, and more!
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