Elders Butler, Isaacs and Larsen - Workover Part 2

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Elder Butler hoped he’d get to workover with Elder Isaacs or Elder Larsen, but he didn’t expect he’d get them together! And although he’s nervous to spend all day with them and then share a bedroom with them at night, he can’t wait to sneak a peek at them as they undress and get into bed.

Maybe he’ll even see them totally naked as they come from the shower.

But things go even better than Elder Butler could ever have imagined. That night, after the three Mormon boys strip down to their sacred Mormon underwear, Elder Larsen tells him that they’ll have to share a bed.

This is against the rules for missionaries, but since there are only two beds, they don’t really have a choice. As the smallest of the three guys, Elder Butler has to be the one to share. And since Elder Isaacs is a beefcake and takes up most the bed, Elder Larsen gets the boy to himself.

After he assumes the other two Mormon boys are sleeping soundly, devious Elder Larsen wakes up and pulls the blanket down to reveal Elder Butler’s tight little body. He carefully works the boy’s garments down to reveal his juicy butt. Elder Butler hasn’t woken up yet, or is pretending to be asleep. Either way, Elder Larsen figures it’s safe and buries his face in the boy’s ass.

He kisses, licks and sucks the tight pink hole until Elder Butler starts to moan, and then he claps a hand over the boy’s mouth to keep Isaacs from waking up.

But Elder Isaacs has been up this whole time, watching Elder Butler get rimmed, and feeling jealous that he is being left out of the fun. But he’s afraid if he wakes up, they’ll stop, and he wants to see what happens next. And he isn’t disappointed, Elder Larsen whips out his huge, hard cock and stuffs it in the boy’s ass.

As he pounds the kid, Elder Isaacs feels the head of his own dick start to drip. He’s never seen anything so hot. Butler is getting his daylights fucked out, and Elder Isaacs wonders what it feels like to have a dick working over your asshole like that.

And he is going to find out. Elder Larsen noticed that Isaacs is awake some time ago, but he wanted the boy to watch. And since he’s not objecting, Larsen knows he’s interested. “Elder Isaacs, come here,” he orders. And when Isaacs is slow to respond, he says, “Right now.”

Elder Isaacs joins them on the bed, and Larsen forces him to make out with Butler while he strips the big boy’s muscular body stark naked. Then he buries his face in Isaacs’s big sweet ass. He has to know how it feels wrapped around his cock. So he forces the man facedown into the bed and pushes his big cock in.

Elder Isaacs’s eyes widen in surprise and he grunts loudly. The feeling is intense, but it’s also exhilarating, and when Elder Larsen starts to hammer away, Isaacs strokes his dick, closes his eyes and tries not to cum too soon.

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