[Pacific Sun] Muscle Gang

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2002, 97 min

Country:  Hungary

Studio :  Pacific Sun Entertainment

Cast:  Robert Balint, Jonathan Collins, Roberto Giorgio, Claudio Antonelli, Rick Perry, Rob Nelson, Nico Luchini, Eddie Ryan, Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino

Director:  Csaba Borbely

Sometimes you can protest till you are blue in the face and it still won�t do you any good. I pleaded not to sit through any more of these titles. Not because of any quality issues (all these films are fabulous) or even because of their lousy subtitling. (The riotous be-quiet order "Be clam!" from Full Force is our office's latest catchphrase.) It�s not even the guys - they are all gorgeous!

Think of it this way:
No matter how much candy you like, it gets dull after a while. If you eat a Mars Bar every day, just once you�ll fancy a Snickers instead.

OK. I�ll admit it. It�s the guys. It�s the same performers in each one. This gene pool needs a little chlorine. I�ve seen Goldsmith and Antonelli so many times I�ve developed Stockholm Syndrome. Hell, I can�t even remember what my parents look like these days. I�ve booked an appointment with a specialist who normally deals with de-programming former cult members.

If you are new to all this you probably think I�m insane. Just check out the reviews of their other films; I�ve sat through most of them. Welcome to Pacific Sun Entertainment. Here you�ll find gorgeous uncut Mediterranean men, yadda yadda yadda. Ah well, let my sweet torture commence. Still, there�s the welcome return of Endino, Laurel and Luchini, who I could all quite happily eat in one sitting.

As soon as the movie starts so do the subtitling fuck-ups. Let�s not linger. Or as the cast might say: �Let us not to lingre.� Turns out the muscle gang regularly meet at a quaint old house, walking up the street to it whilst the theme from The Searchers or something plays in the background. I�d like to point out it�s not The Magnificent Seven as my date thought. Once at the house they get drunk and naked, as we cut inside to see five musclestuds stripped and already getting filthy.

Collins Frenches Balint in one corner whilst Laurel and Nelson share oral duties on Nielsen. As usual, everyone swaps ends, Nielsen taking both at once and Balint swallowing Collins�s foreskin. Watching from the balcony are ultrasexy Luchini and Perry (still looking way too Jerry O�Connell for his own good). Aroused by the action below, they both strip and beat their meat.

Gorgeous Laurel and Nielsen perform their contractual bottoming duties whilst the two upstairs continue to jerk till they climax. Nelson fucks Laurel whilst Nielsen is taken by Collins. Balint - whose head seems way too small for that massive body - is the first to shoot his batter. The rest take their time and enjoy the fucking, eventually shooting their stuff over each other�s pecs in that patented Pacific Sun way.

Endino, Manzel and Goldsmith arrive in a new car (cue more atrocious subtitling) and are invited inside for a drink by a cheeky faced Perry. They only wanna drink one thing however, each other, and lucky old Perry gets his lips round them all. A heavy French kiss fourway develops before Manzel drops to his knees and frees Endino�s meat for his appetizer. Goldsmith follows suit, getting his rapier prick wet with spit before Perry and Endino suck some serious cock, too. Soon the second floor is one big fuckathon with Goldsmith straddling Endino, whilst Manzel is having his ass seriously pummeled by Perry. The tops trade partners before Goldsmith decides he wants to try out Manzel. When he�s spunked over that well-pumped ass, the two flip-flop whilst Endino impressively swallows Perry�s lanky portion. Everyone reaches earthshattering climaxes and the cum flows freely.

Elsewhere Collins has taken the car for a test-drive, taking Nelson with him for company. Once around the block, the two head back indoors for a one-on-one session that�ll set your pacemaker into overdrive. Each swallow the other�s tools before Collins works his fingers inside Nelson, fucking his tight hole with them. They sixty-nine before Nelson straddles his partner, noisily loving every second of it. After various positions their orgasm is inevitable and, boy howdy, well worth waiting for.

Giorgio, Antonelli and Ryan pop round to find the gang�s place empty. They call Collins who tells them to wait for him inside. (Is there a key under the mat or something?) Relaxing inside, the trio can�t keep their clothes on, uncut inches jerked furiously before Ryan takes Antonelli orally whilst Giorgio eats out his ass. Ryan is treated to a blow job by both simultaneously before Giorgio too fulfills his contractual bottoming obligations to Ryan, whilst Antonelli jerks off over them. Antonelli eventually gets a go, riding Giorgio as far as he�ll go. The three finish off this hot sequence by blowing each other to culmination!

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