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Falcon Other Side of Aspen 4 (DC)

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DescriptionI told myself that I wouldn't post here again after my last two torrents were downloaded 132 times and got one response but I spotted this huge gap.

I got this some years ago from a friend on another site, to whom thanks. I had to adjust the sound by a second

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE SEED POINTS - I DON'T NEED THEM  - save them for someone who is struggling with their ratio.

Thanks and comments, of course, are welcome :)

Cast: Ken Ryker Johnny Hanson Chad Knight Eric Stone Kevin Dean Carl Erik Trent Reed Jake Andrews Steve Marks Max Grand Jeff Michaels Cliff Parker Tom Steele Steve Alden Daryl Brock Bryce Colby Andrew Cole Jason Phillips John Ferage Wayne Montgomery.

"The story picks up where Aspen III left off. With Chad Knight, stuck on the mountain and freezing. Eric Stone finds the nearly frozen Chad, and picks him up and takes him to his cabin.

Meanwhile, we see his boyfriend, Johnny Hanson, on a gondola ski lift, getting sucked by Jeff Michaels. Jeff does a nice job on Hanson's sizeable piece of meat. Slurping on the head, and really getting into it. Johnny quickly blows his hot load all over Jeffs hand and face.
We return back to Eric Stone's condo, in front of the fireplace, where Chad is wrapped in a blanket and thawing out. As he awakes he finds this stud, taking care of him. Well they soon get warmed up enough to thaw the worst of frostbite. Chad chews on Eric's nipples and licks his stomach, then sucks on Eric's hardening rod. Soon Eric is plowing into Chad hot asshole. The soundtrack here is great, no dubbing, just the animalistic growls and grunts from these two studs as you here Eric's thigh smacking into Chads sweet asscheeks. We then get to see some great scenery and skiers on the slopes. At the bottom we see Johnny being told that Chad never showed up at his post yesterday, and everyone was wondering where he was.

Back to the condos, monster cock, Kevin Dean is getting his pole expertly serviced by Max Grand, who completely engulfs Kevin's cock, all the way to the balls. This man deserves an award! We then notice Trent Reed, watching in the window and Max invites him in. It doesn't take long for him to join in, he gets his cock sucked as Kevin buries that foot-long into Max's waiting hole. Trent shoots his load on Max's shoulder and neck as Kevin sprays a sizeable load all over Max's back. Max then drenches Trent's stomach with his hot cream.
Next we see Cliff Parker join Carl Erik and Jackson Phillips in the hot tub where Cliff and Jackson service Carl's fat uncut dick. Cliff and Jackson team up to suck Carl and them kiss at the same time, it was very erotic. Then Cliff begins sucking Carl as he pounds his dick into Jackson. All the while, Jackson is throwing snow onto Cliffs chest, Wow. Carl jerks his jizz onto Cliff's chest, causing Cliff to shoot all over Jackson's stomach. Jackson's hand is a blur as he GROWLS and shoots all over his stomach.

Inside we see Steve Marks with is feet in the air on the couch while Daryl Brock fucks him hard, while Tom Steele strokes his meat watching them. Steve's cum shot is awesome, spraying his hot juice as Daryl is POUNDING his ass. Yet in another room in the Condo (I want to stay here my next ski trip!) Jake Andrews and the stunning Ken Ryker are getting busy. They give each other hot blow jobs and Jake rims Ryker's hot little pucker. Ken rams his big cock in Jake's ass and shoots an amazing load on his back.

We then see Johnny approaching the condo and asking for Cliff. As Cliff comes to the door, he asks if he could help look for Chad and he declines. We soon find out why, an orgy is underway. This is a sight to behold, practically the entire cast is in one room, sucking, fucking, rimming, stroking, 2 dicks in one hole, and cum flying everywhere!  (Ken Ryker, Jackson Phillips, Max Grand, Carl Erik, Kevin Dean, Bryce Colby, Cliff Parker, Trent Reed, Jake Andrews, Tom Steele, Daryl Brock, Steve Alden)

We then see Johnny going home where he finds Chad asleep in bed. He wakes him up to tell him how sorry he is for the way he has been treating him, then treats him to a hot fuck. I actually got into this plot, and felt better about Johnny and he was going to treat Chad with a little respect. NOT! We see Johnny on the phone, telling Chad he would be late for dinner again... Same old Johnny."
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