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Falcon - FVP131 - The Crush avi

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80 minutes
Falcon Studios FVP-131

Directed by John Rutherford

Starring: Daniel Montes, Marcus Iron, Drew Damon, Scott Davis, Cameron Fox, Tuck Johnson, Christian Taylor, Colby Taylor, Travis Wade

Crush: 1. The sweet feeling of adoration you have for someone else. 2. The falling together of bodies after great sex.

Which from this homograph pair does Falcon want us to believe is the reason for the apt title of this exceedingly good new video? Frankly, just looking at the box, I was yearning for the first, anticipating greatly the second. Of course, friends, it's the first, but the second is a recurring theme in the flick, too.

Colby Taylor, whom I'm about "this far" away from crowning the absolute most adorable of all the great porn stars, is gay, but isn't sure how to tell his friend Travis Wade, approaching his house in a fantastic bit of foreshadowing. He hopes Travis doesn't hate him, but hating anyone so cute should be illegal in most states by now. He starts to tell Travis his secret, but decides to illustrate with a story.

Flashback: When they were in high school, Colby took this blond babe to Lookout Point, but as he was about to kiss her, chickened out. He excuses himself to go pee, which means exposing his dick and watching the two studs in the next car (a convertible, natch) get it on.

Stupendously proportioned Daniel Montes and his twinky boyfriend Christian Taylor are making out. Christian, sporting #20 on his shirt, takes all of Daniel's 10 or so (inches, people, inches), so thick that poor Christian is going to need surgery to put his lips back together after performing this blowjob. Daniel is a wise addition to the Falcon stable, huge of cock, but with a perfectly toned body and stomach muscles that could probably juggle by themselves, a great kisser, too. Christian only ever gets about halfway down Daniel's dick, but he never phones it in out of frustration, he makes what he can do look perfectly respectable (and it is). Big boy Daniel actually goes down on Christian, too, but it's the fuck we want to see here. Bottom-for-life Christian takes so much of Daniel that his body lifts off the car to handle this tree stump. Daniel actually holds back, perhaps afraid of hurting his littler partner, but when Christian climbs on top of Daniel, his frantic bobbing proves otherwise. Though definitely concentrating on his what is happening in his ass, Christian sums up enough muscular power otherwise to spew clear to Daniel's neck. (The scene never answers this burning question: Didn't the poor girlfriend wonder why urination took so long? Ah, who cares, we got to see cock.)

Travis doesn't quite get the meaning of this story -- duh! -- so Colby spills the beans. Travis can't handle it, bolting out to go skip rocks. Colby flashes back to happier times, when they played a most suggestive and sexy game of touch-and-fondle football, but Travis gets to see reality. He spies old friend Tuck Johnson on a flatbed with Cameron Fox and Scott Davis. Now, it should be said right here that this is one of two scenes bound to cause extra huge boners in many of you for the surprise it contains.

Poor Tuck, or Lucky Tuck, has the awesome task of blowing both Cameron and Scott. These two have humongous pieces, as does everyone in this size-lover's dream of a video, Scott's particularly unfair in its girth. Tuck can barely get his mouth around either of them. Tuck tries to take both at once, but that's a physical impossibility. Cameron and Tuck meet tongues while rimming Scott. Cameron starts off slowly, but throws his whole face into it when he does the same to Tuck, also sucking him very well, a clever lead-in to what is about to come! Cameron throws a magnificent fuck into Tuck while sucking Scott amazingly well. That's too easy. Why not fuck Tuck, suck Scott and jack Tuck? Hey, imagine if he could peel potatoes at the same time. Cameron comes very very alive in this part of the scene. Soon, though, he alters his position so he can kiss Tuck while Scott leers at his ripe ass. Hmmm. You guessed it flip-flop fans - Cameron is about to get fucked. What makes the fuck so brilliant is not its mere occurrence, this is Falcon after all, but the fact that he gets de-virginized on film while still fucking Tuck, it's very clever. Scott isn't too rough, in fact he threatens to fade away from the scene at many points, he lets Cameron play man-in-the-middle, rather than invading his ass. Scott then takes over in Tuck's ass, so Cameron can rest while getting sucked. You wish Cameron would go back to something active, or that the smirking Travis would finally join in. Reading my mind, Cameron takes over again, throwing his whole body into another fantastically violent pound. Tuck eventually cums, no hands, followed by a stellar load from Scott and then finally our hero, Cameron Fox.

I told you before - two of the scenes in this video were bound to stir things up. However, it is the scene between them that is not only the best on the tape, but one of my instant Top 10 favorites. Colby tries to hit on Travis, but chickens out and sits down to watch porn. The scene he watches is cinematic Viagra, Marcus Iron turning in the performance of his career, Drew Damon not far behind. Marcus, so insanely handsome I had to turn away from the screen like a giggling schoolgirl, has a never-ending throat, and he takes all of Drew with every lap. To be blunt, there isn't enough cock on Drew to satisfy the amount of it Marcus would need to choke, and Drew is anything but little. Marcus deep-throats at speeds astronauts have yet to see. After not nearly enough of this, Drew dribbles spit into Marcus' mouth and licks it all out (these two make out incredibly). Then, we find that Marcus' ass can take as much of Drew as did his mouth. Now, it should be said that Drew is a fierce partner in all of this. It's rough stuff, expertly delivered on top as well as its received on the bottom. The total joy on these two faces cannot possibly be faked, can it? It can't be acting, these two pigs are long past acting, and long past knowing a camera and a handful of other guys are in the room. The fuck is a big "wake the neighbors" extravaganza that I hoped would never end. Both cum buckets on Marcus' chest, assuring his woof-worthy sexy hair will continue to grow nutritionally there for years to come.

Eventually, Travis shows up in Colby's room and says he wants to be there, leaning over to kiss his good friend and thus begins what would go on to be honored as the Best Sex Scene for the 2001 GayVN Awards. Travis is actually the first to go down, attacking the balls first. Not bad for a character who professed to be grossed out by gay sex earlier. Colby is the more experienced cocksucker, and, as usual, he's sublime. Travis has an amazing member, and it looks perfect in Colby's mouth. But, Travis ain't so bad himself, a little overzealous, but turning in a good oral performance nonetheless. Travis really awakens during a 69 session, doubling as a sound effects machine, spewing out enough mid-suck noises to make Colby chuckle. Travis can't believe Colby could have made him so hard, but Colby "never doubted it." Colby, clever even in the throes of passion, won't let Travis fuck him unless he can do the same. Travis advises "one step at a time," but Travis is a longtime top, so don't expect much. Or should you?

But, of course, it's Travis who is first on the scene with a patented professional fuck, his sexy hips grinding it home. Colby you just want to hug and hold, looking as fetching as ever getting fucked by huge Travis, his ass ready for just about anything. Colby cums and we fade to afterglow. But, it's in that state that Travis admits he's wondered what it's like to be on the other end, though he's afraid of Colby's large dick. Colby promises to be gentle, and the surprise behind door #2 is let out. Travis Wade bottoms. And incredibly well, I might add. Proving he REALLY does want it, he takes his first onscreen fuck by screwing himself down on Colby and riding bronco-style, nothing awkward, nothing tentative, just the old "go for broke" method. His hard cock bounces all over the place to prove how much he really is enjoying himself. Colby beams the whole time, either because he knows he's delivering a thrilling fuck to an eager convert or because he knows it will be caught on tape for posterity. Colby takes a more active role and hammers it into Travis, now on his back, returning some of the intensity he received a few moments earlier, easily the best part of the scene. At the end, Travis looks lovingly into Colby's eyes and says a simple "thank you." Awwwwwww.

So, how do two super-butch tops fare as bottoms?

In the capable hands of director John Rutherford, they pass with more than flying colors. Cameron Fox is a mountain of sexual energy. He shouldn't be discouraged from continuing this course; he's clearly talented. But, yes, he is still a wonderful top as we are shown here, too. Travis Wade fares very well, given a scene partner who clearly adores the idea of it all, both turning in magnetic performances, building off each other, but maintaining the tenderness of their characters. Neither Fox nor Wade looks uncomfortable, which is an even bigger treat.

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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