♺ Blue Pictures - Bare My Back (2004, avi)

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The young (ages 18-20) twinks in this film are very cute. Many have shaven pubes and are uncut. They enjoy the sex and go at it vigorously sans condoms.

The first pairing is of a young Latino (seen seated on the cover) and a very young-looking twink with a pageboy haircut. The young skinny and sexy Latino has a patch of hair between his pecs and no hair at all over his dick. The pageboy also has a shaved crotch. Their scene sets the unvaried pattern of all of the scenes. They suck dick and then fuck. In this episode the Latino fucks the pageboy. Afterwards each cums on the face of the other. The guy with the face full of cum then sucks the remaining cum off the spent dick. This is the weakest scene—not because of the performers—because the camera is not properly positioned to best capture the action.

The camerawork is better in the remaining scenes. In scene two we have two more cuties sucking and fucking. This time they flip-flop. Again it ends—as all the scenes do—with each getting a face full of the other’s cum and then sucking the dick that just came on them.

A threesome on the sofa takes place in scene three. Our pageboy is back along with an adorable thin twink with closely cut hair and a dark-haired youth with longish hair. The thin twink—my favorite—has no pubic hair. He fucks the pageboy. Then gets fucked by the dark-haired twink. There is also some nice rimming in the scene. Each cums on the faces of the other two who then take turns sucking the spent dick. Cum, suck suck. Cum, suck suck. Cum, suck suck.

For the fourth encounter, the really cute twink peering out from the bottom of the DVD cover is paired with a nicely built beauty. The really cute twink has coal black hair and eyes. He is very thin and has an incredibly long dick—it reminded me of Gonzo’s nose. After they 69 and 69 ½ (with rimming), the long dick enters the other cutie’s ass. The thin twink will also get fucked. Guess how the scene ends? Yep, with each cumming on the other’s face and the spent dicks getting an oral cleaning.

The filmmakers are generous indeed in giving us a fifth scene. The Latino returns. This time he is with a young twink with shoulder-length black hair. Sucking, rimming, 69ing, are the preludes to each fucking the other. Then each….but you already know what they do next.

Although the action in these scenes is as unvaried and a predictable as a blue Monday, the performers are as cute as a basket of puppies and they are quite uninhibited in their sexual activities. Often they will look directly into the camera as though looking straight at us. Instead of breaking our illusion this actually draws us deeper into the action, making us a recognized participant. “How am I doing?” they seem to ask, or “Want to join us?”

If you like em’ young and your sex bareback, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Studio: Blue Pictures
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