♺ FOX Hardcore - License To Thrill

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Original upload: 2013-09-23 |
From the press notes, courtesy of Fox Studio:
"License To Thrill, although not the studied take off of a James Bond spy film that ThunderBalls is, presents some formidable porn stars and a minor spy plot. Ken Adams and Aiden Shaw both have major meat and bodies to match. Muscular Steve Regis, the incredible Zak Spears, and sexy Ty Russell add their support to this multi-faceted cast.

A late-in-the-game pre-condom (some would say bareback) porn flick from prolific director Hunter that features super beefy men, a rather good plot (a James Bond takeoff) and some great cum gobblings - notably Marco Rossi scarfing some of his own load following his coupling with Zak Spears. Great production design, above-average sex, and a terrific looking cast add up to a good time

Ken Adams, Aiden Shaw, Zak Spears, Marco Rossi, Steve Regis, Josh Taylor, Ty Russell, Matt Windsor, Tanner Reeves

Year Of Production: 1993
Quality - Good.  VHS Rip.
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