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Toby Springs and Caleb Troy - Fine Ass Trucker Driver

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DescriptionDamn, youre a fine ass truck driver is what Caleb, a big rig driver, says he hears all the time from the girls at his delivery stops. And they know what theyre talking about! Caleb is a big boy, all muscle, just the right amount of ink, and manly handsome to boot - and when he finishes stripping down to unveil his almost 8 very thick cock, its apparent hes got it all. After trucking for years, he says he has at least one or two girls who are willing to spread for him at most of his stops, but does admit to having fucked a lot lizard (truckers term for truck stop hooker) a couple of times. He explains how the whorehouses advertise on his CB (Citizens Band Radio) and that they even send vans to pick the horny truckers to take them to the brothel for a fuck - hows that for service! Anyway, by this time our Bait boy, Toby, who you guys might recognize from a video he did on BaitBuddies a year ago, has heard enough of this straight trucker studs stories and looks like hes pretty anxious to get going. And, let us tell you why. Toby was the straight one in his last video he did here, and as a good ol country boy was very reluctant to do anything with another guy at the time. As a matter of fact when Caruso asked him about having someone play with his butt, he just emphatically said nope. So, Caruso sent him home from the shoot and told him to ask his girlfriend about dildos. He did and she was surprised, but turned on and happy enough to strap one on and give that cutie and good fucking. Low and behold, after the pain wore off, he said he liked it. So, now his anniversary with his girl is coming up and hes under pressure to buy her a nice gift, and who does he call for some fast cash - Caruso of course. Without any pressure from us, hes willing to offer up his hot little bubble butt to another dude as long as he gets paid enough. Back in the studio, Caruso gets the boys stripped down and Calebs cock doesnt disappoint, it gets big and hard and really thick, so Caruso tells them to keep watching the porn while he goes to get the girl. Of course he returns empty handed with only one solution to the lack of female talent - he gives the guys the opportunity to have sex with each other for double their fee. Caleb is on his feet before Caruso finishes the sentence and says No, I couldnt do that! But Carusos power of persuasion and the extra cash at least had him thinking about it, but its Toby who makes the gay sex aspect very matter of fact which prompts Caleb to say Oh well, I always said Id try anything twice. Not wanting to wait for him to change his mind, Toby grabs that fucking hot as hell trucker cock and starts to stroke it. The look on Calebs face is priceless, his expression is somewhere between angry, shocked, and what the hell is going on, yet despite this his cock is getting hard again, bigger and fatter until its at its mouth watering maximum size. Toby realizes this and just goes for it, he sucks that cock like hes been doing it all his life. Even Caleb has to remark it feels good. Now, for those of you who love kissing, you might as well start stroking faster, because this has to be one of the hottest kissing sessions yet. Toby goes in for the kiss and Caleb being in the moment meets him half way, and those two boys really go at it, open mouths and all, you can see both get totally lost in the passion. If Caruso didnt move the action on he might have filmed another twenty minutes of those dudes making out. Of course Caleb has his turn at sucking Tobys cock, but they quickly move on to fucking and Toby is more than willing to have his first real cock cherry busting from a big manly straight stud, with a big fat one, like Caleb. So, the trucker slowly inches the full length of his thick tool into Tobys butthole as the boy is in the doggy position. Caleb seems to be kind of gentle with Toby, maybe its just the new experience of fucking boy pussy? But, that all changes when he gets Toby on his back and picks up speed until he pounding the boys hot, smooth bottom. Caleb is pumping away and we soon hear him say Im gonna cum and he pulls out and shoots a big load all over Tobys cock and balls. While hes catching his breath, Caleb is crazy with lust and needs to get off - to that end he jacks his cock wildly and shoots a load onto his firm torso as he moans loudly. Both boys now fully satisfied, are off to the showers to clean up and think about what they just did for the first time. Watch After the Shoot and find out what these guys think about it all.

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