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Another Defiant Fest video.


Christian & Richie
These two guys sit on the couch, watching a porn video while slowing rubbing their crotches. Richie shyly takes out his dick and watches as Christian strips off his shorts and exposes his impressive cock. You can tell that Richie is salivating as he stares at that thick long member Christian has in his hand. Richie reaches over, takes that big dick in his hand, gives it a few strokes and then leans over and takes as much as he can all the way down his throat. He licks and swirls his tongue piercing around the head, and up and down the shaft. Pretty damn good knob slobber for his first time. Of course, Christian returns the favor after Richie tells him, 'I want you to suck on my cock.'

Ryan & Dereck
Dereck gets to work sucking straight guy, Ryan, almost as soon as they walk in the door. Ryan?s a little nervous and concentrates on the porno playing as Dereck pulls, tugs, and sucks on Ryan?s dick. Dereck pinches and twists his nipple piercing, and jerks his dick while Ryan tries to get himself off with a magazine. Both the guys take turns shooting loads all over each other.

Tristian takes to the bathroom to blow off some tension in his balls. We all know that this guy is a red-hot fire hose, and this scene demonstrates that fact yet again. He cranks off watching a DVD on a laptop, occasionally looking at himself and his sexy body in the mirror. When he is ready to blow you?d better stand back. He opens that release valve and fires hot jizz all over the mirror and counter top. Tristian then picks up the camera so you can get a close up look at the splattered cum on the mirror as it runs down the glass. Tristian has an encore scene in another room where he gives us another good show and yet another incredible cum shot.

Adam & Brandon
The guys decide to watch porn videos instead of going out to skate (lucky for us---we could?ve been sitting there staring at a black leather couch until they came back). Brandon sucks down Adam?s hard-on in a matter of seconds, but Adam is quick to do the same. They take turns sucking for a bit before the dildos come out and the guys have a great time fucking and jerking themselves in front of the TV. Adam shoots a healthy load all across Brandon?s shoulder and face

Adam & Dereck
This scene contains some audio distortion. The editor cleaned the sound up as much as possible but it was the directors choice to leave the scene in this video with minimal editing. Dereck really gives Adam?s ass a great workout in this scene. Sure there is some dick sucking and playful jabs, but the part you want to watch is the fucking, am I right?

Gentlemen: The hits just keep on coming. This is yet another awesome video. Big dick Christian and Richie were very compatable together and a good scene. Ryan and Dereck were my favorite on this video. Good couple. Will someone ever get to suck off Big Red? Tristian is my dream come true. I'm just dying to see someone wrap their lips around that meat. Of course Adam is always my fantasy so it was nice to see him with Brandon and Dereck. When you see all these cute guys, you don't think about a little glitch in the video audio. Keep up the good work guys and please work on Tristian to let someone go down on him. He's so hot. As always, I can't wait for the next DVD. Your loyal fan, Johnny King

Directed by Joe Serna.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Defiant Productions DVD.
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