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MenOver30 - Quid Pro Joe - Diego Vena & Joe Parker

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Diego: 32, 5'8", 170lbs, 7"

Joe: 31, 5'9", 160lbs, 9"

Might wanna turn down the A/C, it's about get hot up in here as this week's duo sizzle on set. After overwhelming response we brought back sexy Joe Parker and teamed him up with Diego Vena. Joe is 32 and originally from Philadelphia while Diego is 33 and originally from Indiana. We asked these two to title their own future memoirs to give people an insight into their lives past and present. "The Secret or Not So Secret Life of Diego Vena" is Diego's while Joe's memoirs would be titled "The Making of a Gay Handyman". We then asked if they were turned into films, which male actor would they cast to play themselves. Diego would want George Clooney and Joe would want Christian Bale. We could see the resemblance there. In closing we asked these studs what sexual encounter from their past still makes them cum thinking about it years later. Joe was in a LTR for 7 years and after breaking up, he took a summer vacation and met a guy a little older than he was with dark hair and a furry chest. Everything he likes in a guy and they went to town. It still makes him horny thinking about it. Diego's was in high school when he slept with his girlfriend's boyfriend. He always wondered why he was always so jealous when they hung out. Well, it wasn't about her at all. ...and that's the way we like it.
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