AD - Dominic & Ryan Jordan (1080p)

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DescriptionHey Troops,

Here's a nice taste of some ol' fashioned fun!  When you have a guy like Dominic involved, the mood will be light and sexy, and when Ryan Jordan's in the mix, you can't count on laughter!  This is a great pair and Claude had a great time mixing it up with these two.  And with the combination of Ryan's incredible cock and Dominic's irresistible bubble bottom, we have a perfect storm on our hands.

I definitely got the sense right from the top that the mood this time was fun and low-pressure.  With boys like these, that's exactly what I want.  Both Dominic and Ryan have established themselves pretty well among the troop and we know they can really heat things up.  Now this is a pairing I've thought about for a while and I'm glad it's finally happening.  I love these body types together and there's a very nice personality dynamic.  Like I said, Ryan has that enormous, perfectly shaped dick.  Dominic is the notorious "perfect ass" on the squad.  Ryan is a down-home straight boy who likes to dominate and fuck fellow recruits with lots of passion and power.  Dominic is just the perfect fit for Ryan.  Dom recently had his ass torn up by Ivan James, a recruit who really knows how to destroy a perfect ass like Dom's.  Ryan is a lot like Ivan in that respect.  I mean goodness, with a dick like that, he better put it to good use!!  And he sure does here.  The way he handles Dominic's tight hole reminds me of the way he pounded our sweet Colton Phobos.  He's a living jackhammer. 

Before they take off their underwear, as they fatten up their boners, Claude says, "First one to show his hard dick is gonna get it sucked." The boys snicker and Ryan whips out his giant, erect cock.  Sure enough, Claude hit it on the head, as Dominic goes right in to enjoy Ryan's stiffie.  Boy, it's always such a pleasure to witness Dominic's smiling face slurping and sucking on a fat dick. 

As he sucks, Claude gets a wide shot to show us there's something full-grown inside Dom's undies.  Ryan doesn't waste any time before returning the favor and pleasing Dommy's salami.  Ryan looks great taking in a nice, swollen dick.  He has one of those lean physiques that you know packs a lot of power along with the aesthetic appeal.

Claude goes in tight to give us an excellent view of the deep, passionate sucking.  Then he gets a view from above to show us Ryan's wonderful ass as he pleasures Dom. 

Next we see a shot from underneath as Ryan's big, fat dick squeezes its way into Dominic's soft, tight ass.  Boy is that a gorgeous shot!  Once it gets in there, Ryan doesn't hesitate too long before working up to a vigorous rhythm.  He slams Dom's hole like it was made to be fucked!

Then we get a good look, this time from the side, of Dominic's ass cheeks taking those repeated, hard smacks.  Goodness, Ryan can pound like nobody else!  "Is that dick big enough for you, big guy?" Claude asks Dom as he takes Ryan's punishing thrusts.  "Oh, fuck yeah!" Dom answers right away with a big grin. 

And then we go straight to the cowboy position where Dom gets his chance to feel like a bull rider.  And I ain't just whistlin'!!  Ryan takes this opportunity to continue the ramming, but from his back this time.  Dom hangs in there though, still loving the feeling of his incredible ass being exploited. 

Before it's all over, Ryan wants to fuck Dom while he's on his back.  This seems to be Ryan's go-to when he wants to hit that mark and erupt with a huge cum blast.  I highly recommend seeing this portion!  Gosh, the footage Claude captures is some of the best big-dick fucking you can get.  Ryan knows how to give us a show and display the beauty of his marvelous dick as it pounds one of the finest asses on the AD squad. 
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