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Street Smart (2emme sous-sol) - Cadinot Classic

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DescriptionStreet Smart (2ème Sous-sol)  83 Min.  (1987)  French Art  Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot  Starring: Antonio Ribero, Emilio Faceto, Franck Emmanuel, Frédéric Lemaire, Horst Kruger, Jacques Auvray, Judith Pages, Marius Ste. Rose, Sydney MacKenna, Tony Abrantes.

They're hot, they're handsome, they're hung...and they're street smart. These sexy French toughs know how to work the streets of Paris to get whatever they want -- and what they want most is sex (and rape is not out of the question!) From the lower levels of an underground auto park to the upper floors of a fashionable left bank apartment, this film by Jean-Daniel Cadinot easily ranks among the 10 best ever made.
Emerging from a bank with a leather briefcase can lead to misunderstandings!

A street. A bench. On the bench, a pair of young thugs are lazing in the sun - legs wide and as sexy as can be. Their inadequate shorts barely hiding their explosive packets! An angel-faced young tourist is drawn in by these young hunks, but they steal his case and flee. In the underground of a car park, they open the case and discover that instead of bank notes, the case contains nothing but dildos, porn magazines and aphrodisiacs.

Turned on by the hard images and astonished by the size of the tools, they compare these latex dongs to their own. A few quick jerks and their cocks are strained to the max! Impressive in their own right, their cocks are dwarfed by the dildos and so just for fun, they try them out and find pleasure after pleasure after pleasure.

So consumed are the two lusty larcenists that they fail to notice they're being watched; by their young victim, no less. Excited by the scene, he's got a boner like only an eighteen-year-old can ever have!

Having satisfied their greedy needs, the two rascals head off, leaving the case behind. The young man retrieves his discarded dildos and continues to play the same dirty games when the young thieves return and decide to give the young car park chicken a taste of Parisian hospitality.

The marvels from the suitcase are making others happy too! Pals of the two thieves decide to have a gadget party with loads being fired off by all! "The owner of these toys must be a glutton!" "You wanna find out? Let's give them back and find out!" Sure, they wanted to smack the little queer, only they picked the wrong guy and fall right into his trap...
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