Jock Physical - Shaw Malcolm Annual

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DescriptionIt has been over 2 years since Shaw has undressed and mounted my exam table, so I was pleased to welcome him back for his annual examination. As he undressed, I commented that he seemed to have lost some weight since his last visit. Unfortunately, family issues (the untimely death in succession of his grandmother and mother over a three week period) is more than ample reasoning for both weight and sleep loss. To confirm my assessment, I have Shaw step onto to the scale and recorded his weight, which was almost 10 pounds lighter since his last visit 2 years ago.

As Shaw settles his naked form on the exam table, I take obvious note of a bandage covering part of his scrotum. He explains that he had trimmed his pubic hair just prior to visiting the office and had nicked himself with his electric clippers in the process.

Much like his previous visit, Shaw becomes aroused during the examination process which begins during the genital examination and continues throughout. His prostate examination proceeds very well as he does notice the additional stimulation when I make contact.

I felt that Shaw really needed my special attention to help him relieve some much needed stress and for his overall well being, I was only too happy to oblige.
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