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Staxus Super Size Me 6

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Alejandro Marbena
Benjamin Dunn
Devon Lebron
Dick Casey
Jason Mike
Ryan Olsen
Tim Law
Troy Stevenson
source: promotional material
How often have you heard it said that it’s not size but what you do with it that counts ...? Well, far be it for us to shatter illusions here but talk like that is complete and utter nonsense – as those who’ve witnessed the previous five escapades in this series can already testify. Not that the over-hung likes of Devon LeBron have any difficulty knowing what to do with their massive equipment. Indeed, no tight little ass-hole is safe, as thick, uncut dick after thick, uncut dick pound and grind till the hot, sticky jizz begins to erupt!
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source: Dragonfly
1. Dick Casey OrgAb, Devon Lebron OgrAt
The ever-popular Dick Casey has always been of an adventurous bent, so it was no surprise that he was as keen as mustard to be paired up with the over-sized Devon LeBron for some interracial fornication – and believe us, it shows! Why, the horny fellow gives an even wider smile than usual when confronted with the stats of the black dude’s mammoth butt-picker – proved beyond doubt courtesy of a handy tape-measure – and is soon quite literally wrapping his lips around the dark-skinned beauty. And who the fuck can blame him? The fact of the matter is that LeBron’s black mamba is a beauty to behold; and whilst Casey is only too willing to allow his king-sized pal the pleasure of a giving a blow-job in return, it’s all too obvious that he’s really only interested in getting to see how much of that thick, meaty, uncut cock he can get inside his ass. As such it’s no great marvel that Casey’s soon sitting down on LeBron’s lap shortly after having been giving a hearty Caribbean rimming, and before you know it he’s taking pretty much every inch that LeBron’s been blessed with. What follows is quite simply breathtaking, as Casey proves beyond doubt why he’s one of the finest porn stars of his generation; and by the time his black buddy has filled his hungry fuck-hole with jizz there’s every chance that you’ll have shot your load. Whether you manage to achieve a climax like Casey, however, is quite another matter entirely – a stupendous, multi-shot geyser-like spurt of epic proportions!

2. Ryan Olsen OgrAbt, Jason Mike OgrAbt
Disused warehouses and abandoned outbuildings have long since been the mainstay of gay porn, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that dark-haired beauty, Ryan Olsen, and his blond buddy, Jason Mike, head for just such a location when they’re feeling a little frisky and in need of some carnal attention! What’s more, they don’t waste much time in ripping off each other’s shorts so that they can feast on all the expectant hard, straining flesh that they’ve both got stuffed inside; and before you know it Olsen is slobbering all over Mike’s nicely upturned ramrod like it’s the tastiest thing he’s encountered since pretty much forever! A sentiment that’s clearly shared by Mike, who then returns the open-mouthed favour; before both lads engage in a stunning session of 69-ing that’ll have you frantically jerking in appreciation. Hold on though, guys. Both these boys have a craving for dick and won’t be truly content until they’ve buggered each other senseless for your satisfaction – a task that they eagerly embrace in a succession of raw, ass-busting moves that only a couple of randy, over-sexed bastards like this could ever hope to pull off. Unsurprisingly, it’s not at all long before these two fuck-machines are ready to spew; with Olsen dumping a very generous wad of ball-juice over Mike’s comely little face, then Mike himself blasting thick ropes of cream out of his piss-slit to conclude this terrific piece!

3. Tim Law OgrAb, Benjamin Dunn OgrAt
We’ve known it for a long time, of course, but Tim Law still manages to surprise us sometimes as to how much of a cheeky little whore he actually is. As proves to be the case here, when he charges into a room – stripping off in the process – and proceeds to show Benjamin Dunn the sexy little jockstrap that he’s got on. He’s a tease if ever there was one; but he’s in for something of a surprise when Dunn takes off his trousers and reveals his underwear, which in this instance is even more revealing than the item Law’s got on. It all makes for a rather comic opening salvo; though it’s not long before matters take on a much more sensuous approach, with Law pulling away his mate’s skimpy attire so that he can feast on the juicy, fat dick inside. An approach that’s soon being eagerly reciprocated by Dunn, prior to the fellow rimming Law’s ass and then ploughing the hungry little hole with his knob. At which point the cute twink’s sluttish side really starts to take hold, riding Dunn’s ramrod in a whole series of positions and in the process pleasuring his handsome mate to within an inch of his life! No doubt about it, both these lads are truly in their element here, doing exactly what they were born to do, and it’s no great surprise when their natural urges start to overwhelm them – Law squirting away whilst still seated on Dunn’s dick, then Dunn jerking out a fine spray of jizz over his own belly. A terrific (not to mention a sticky) conclusion to a very horny encounter between two favourites.

4. Troy Stevenson OgrAb, Alejandro Marbena OgrAt
Troy Stevenson is a young bottle-blond with a yearning for something big – which maybe explains his penchant for a clearly oversized dildo at the start of this terrific interracial encounter. No question about it, that toy would almost certainly make the eyes water of even the most avaricious cock-whore; but Stevenson’s imagination is more than sufficient when it comes to finding an alternative, namely the mouth-wateringly thick, meaty black dick of Alejando Marbena. As such, the horny little thick is busily engaged in licking the end of the handsome dildo one minute, then slurping off Marbena’s swollen bell-end the next! Of course, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out where that said ramrod is eventually going to be accommodated; but take time to enjoy the sight of the pert little twink giving every inch of that ramrod the oral worship that it deserves, before Marbena forces the youngster down onto the sofa with his legs akimbo so that he can give the white boy’s ass-hole a filthy, tongue-straining rimming! No feckin’ wonder that Stevenson is so keyed up to take the black fellow’s oversized butt-picker just a few minutes later, which he does with almost remarkable ease and enthusiasm. The highlight, of course, is the sight of Stevenson riding his new-found fuck-buddy’s meat cowboy style – how the fuck did all that dick fit inside? – before the youngster blows his wad mid-fuck. Leaving Marbena to conclude proceedings by blasting the contents of his ball-sac all over Stevenson’s face. Totally humiliating, but as hot as fuck!

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