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Active Duty - Alpha Tango

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DescriptionStarring: Austin, Dorian, Shawn, Jake, Blake

The Alpha Tango DVD boasts two incredibly sexy scenes -- one where we dragged Jake across the line a bit more thanks to the talented skills of Blake, and another with a heated threeway featuring Austin, Dorian and our newest recruit, Shawn.

Jake & Blake: The Perfect Match ...

I had promised Blake a trip to San Diego and once he was here it dawned on me that he'd be the perfect match for Jake. I knew already that Blake loved straight boys as much as I do and presenting him with such a challenge would be right up his alley. I was right. Blake was more than up for the challenge and it wasn't long before I had Jake over and got these two introduced.

After I give Blake the background on Jake, he tells me to go bake a damn pie and that's my cue to leave these two alone and see just how far Blake can get Jake to go. Once I'm gone, Jake tells Blake that he's really nervous about doing this. They share a little small talk as the nerves calm down a little. Actually I was surprised, but Blake seemed a little nervous too. But it doesn't take long before he edges his hand over to Jake's crotch to start exploring. Jake seems so relieved that the ice has been broken as Blake undoes his pants and finds his way into Jake's underwear. In no time at all, Blake has Jake's cock hard as a rock and all his clothes off. Next he's got Jake's big hard cock in his mouth and he's going town on this straight boy's hard cock. Jake throws his head back and moans with pleasure as Blake shows him what getting head from another guy is like.

Blake pulls out his own huge cock and Jake takes a quick look to inspect the goods. Both of these guys are hung like horses and their cocks are nearly twins. I let things take their natural course without disturbing them and what unfolds is really beautiful. Watching a hot straight Marine like Jake get seduced is magical. It brings back so many salacious memories of my own. These two studs are so hot together. A perfect match made in porn heaven. Jake's big hard cock responds so well to Blake's hot, wet mouth as he lays his head back and enjoys the ride. You can tell he's really enjoying this. Blake takes a break and they lay back as Blake holds Jake in his arms and they jerk off some together. Blake enjoys and explores Jake's awesome lean body for a bit, paying some attention to one of his nipples, and then plays with his big cock some more. It isn't long before Blake can't resist the urge to go back down on that big cock again.

About halfway into things, Jake gets very comfortable and starts telling Blake how to suck his big cock. He tells him to take the whole thing down his throat and this gets Blake to moaning. There's nothing better than having a hot cock in your mouth and a hot man telling you how to suck it. Blake takes this precious opportunity and really enjoys Jake as much as he can. One of the hottest moments to me is when Blake is jerking both of their cocks together and Jake is watching and really getting into it. He's sprawled out across Blake's lap as he learns how much fun playing with another guy can be.

Things take a surprising turn as Blake is down on his knees sucking Jake's cock when out of nowhere Jake reaches down and grabs Blake's big cock and starts jerking him off too. I thought I would faint, but then again who could blame him? With cocks like these two have who wouldn't want play with them? Jake is coming along nicely as Blake worships his big cock. You can tell by the look on Jake's face that he's found something he really likes.

Blake crawls on top of Jake and puts their cocks together and Jake takes charge and starts stroking them together as the heads of their cocks kiss. By the time it's all over, Blake has crawled all over Jake like a jungle gym, enjoying every inch of his body. He goes down one last time and really gets into blowing this straight guys cock as he moans in pure pleasure. Blake was a bad boy and ended up swallowing the straight boy's hot load as he gets lost in the moment. Blake is about to cum and Jake wants to help him as he grabs his cock and strokes it when Blake says he's going to cum. Blake shoots a huge load all over himself while Jake strokes the jizz out for him.

Austin, Dorian & Shawn ...

Things kick off as usual with me chit-chatting with the guys and loosening up the air, giving them time to get comfortable and ready. The shirts come off and man what a sexy trio these guys make. I have to warn Dorian and Austin that the only place Shawn isn't little down below and to get ready for what's to come.

Austin, being the horny devil dog that he is, kicks things off by rubbing on Shawn's leg and going in for a hot kiss. Dorian watches as he plays with his own cock through his shorts and Shawn is quick to reach over and offer his assistance. Three minutes in and the shorts and pants are already coming off. It won't be long before these three are in an Alpha Male Tango. Austin is all about the little guy in the middle as he gives plenty of attention to Shawn.

Shawn doesn't want Dorian to feel left out so he gives him some undivided attention as he kisses Dorian and sucks on his nipples. Austin watches and strokes while he keeps his eye on the prize inside of Shawn's boxers. Austin finally gets his hands around Shawn's hard cock and suggests that Shawn do the same for Dorian. Austin continues his exploration of Shawn from head to nearly toe and seems to be enjoying every minute of the trip. Somehow you know he's going to be the first one with a cock in his mouth and you'd be right. He positions himself between Shawn's legs and do down on that cock, worshipping and sucking it ever-so-gently. Shawn plays with Dorian's hard dick and Austin soon moves over to give it some attention too.

Dorian and Austin take turns on Shawn's big cock, giving it the attention it deserves during such a hard exercise. Dorian takes the head and shaft while Austin mans the balls and taint and plays with Shawn's tight hole. Dorian positions himself on his knees, giving Shawn complete access to his throbbing hard dick and Shawn doesn't shy away from the task at hand while Austin works Shawn's cock in the meantime. Soon, Shawn gives Dorian's cock off to Austin who gets right down to business as Shawn plays with Austin's ass and cock. All this attention has Austin sucking Dorian's cock like a true champ. Shawn strokes his hard cock and waits on his turn. Austin turns his attention back to Shawn and works that cock like a part time job. Seems Dorian and Shawn have turned this devil dog into their own private bitch boy.

Dorian stands up against the wall, showing off that damn near perfectly ripped body of his and Shawn moves in for that hot throbbing cock once more, giving it a good work over. By this time Austin is back down between Shawn's legs licking and sucking his cock and washing his nuts. He's got Shawn's balls cupped in his hand while he works over the entire unit.

Austin is getting impatient and you can tell he wants a cock in his hole. He turns around and rubs his ass against Shawn's hard cock, giving the signal that he's ready to be plowed. But Shawn wants a little more oral action before taking the plunge so Dorian and Austin position him standing up so he can get what he wants first. Soon, that horny Austin finds himself behind Shawn eating his hot hole while Shawn works Dorian's cock a little more.

Things take a twist as Austin is eating Shawn's hot ass he tells Dorian he should come back there and fuck that hot ass and Dorian thanks him for getting it all warmed up for him. Dorian takes his position behind Shawn and goes in deep, fucking his fast and hard in no time flat while Austin feeds Shawn his hard cock. Dorian is deep in the valley by now and Shawn is moaning his head off as Dorian deep dicks his tight ass. Austin keeps Shawn's mouth full while Dorian fills his ass. Austin finds his way down beneath Shawn's ass as Dorian plows from above and sucks Shawn while Dorian dicks him deeper.

Shawn's ready for a different dick in his ass so he decides to ride Austin's cock while Austin sucks Dorian's dick. As we've come to know, Shawn is quite the acrobat and he shows off his skills once more while he's riding Austin's dick and jerking his own.

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