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[Mormon Boyz] Elder Lindsay - SECOND ANOINTING

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DescriptionElder Lindsay & President Olsen

Elder Lindsay has just had his ass pumped full of cum by Bishop Angus and his journey into the inner circle of The Order is almost over. The Brethren have been very pleased with the fresh faced initiate. He has willingly and unquestioningly fulfilled all of their desires.

But there is one last test Lindsay must pass if he is to assume the privileges and the unlimited access to young boys that these powerful men are afforded. The Brethren summon Lindsay for his second anointing.

When Lindsay arrives at the Temple, he is anxious to know who will carry out the ritual. He wants to make sure he does everything in his power to please that man. He is led through winding halls to a dark, bare room he’s never seen before. His nipples harden against the sacred underwear from the excitement of the unknown as much as the cold.

But when a handsome man who he’s never met before, steps into the room, the boy’s heart begins to beat faster. That this final test will involve a complete stranger, fills Lindsay with an unholy lust.

He kisses the man, who smells like the perfect masculine mix of the beach and the forest, feeling his cock begin to swell in his pants. The man’s strong hands cup Lindsay’s muscular ass.

Elder Lindsay takes off his own suit jacket and begins to unbutton his shirt. He expects the man to do the same, but he keeps his dress shirt on, casually folding the sleeves up as Lindsay strips down to his underwear. That he can’t have this mysterious daddy only makes Lindsay’s dick ache even more.

The man presses the boy’s head down and Lindsay drops to his knees and turns around. He arches his back, trying to get as close to the man’s throbbing member as he can. He feels the man’s powerful hands kneading his ass and the cold metal of his belt buckle touching his inner thigh.

The young man begins to moan softly as he the man’s thick shaft rubs against the seam of his underwear. He loves being teased even though he desperately wants the man inside of him.

Finally, he feels the elastic of his underwear being pulled down. The head of the man’s dick rubs up and down the crack of his ass, leaving a wet trail of precum.

¬ďPlease,¬Ē Lindsay begs, ¬ďPlease fill me up.¬Ē

But the man takes his time, he presses his enormous cock against Lindsay’s hole, letting just the tip slip in. He waits. Lindsay can feel his ass stretching, can feel his whole body expanding, he wants to swallow the man entirely.

¬ďSlowly,¬Ē the man whispers, ¬ďtake me in as slow as you can.¬Ē

Lindsay backs up, feeling every inch, every pulsing vein until he can feel the man’s zipper pressing against his ass. President Olsen is in to the hilt. Only then does he begin to fuck Lindsay in earnest, thrusting hard and slapping the boy’s ass so that he doesn’t forget, for one second who is in control.

Lindsay’s own erection slaps against his belly as Olsen pounds into him. Lindsay doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out. His cock is desperate for release.

Sensing this, President Olsen turns him over onto his back. But still, he teases the boy, keeping his strokes slow and shallow.

Lindsay is crazy with desire. He needs to blow his load so badly. ¬ďHarder,¬Ē he begs. ¬ďPlease fuck me harder.¬Ē

Finally the handsome older man, with a mischievous grin, relents and thrusts his thick dick deep into the boy’s ass. Lindsay’s orgasm sends white hot ropes of cum across his chest. He gasps as the stranger continues to stroke his sensitive cock and milk the last drops out of him before annointing him with his own juices.

But they are far from finished and President Olsen starts fucking the boy with abandon. Lindsay can sense that this powerful daddy is ready to shoot a load as big and thick as he’s ever had.

The boy opens his mouth, preparing for a delicious end to his journey.
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