♺ Altomar - Absolutely Uncut (1989)

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Running Time: 77 minutes
Studio Name: Altomar
Director: Thor Johnson
Stars: Rolf Eric Bergman  Perry Ward  East Bay Marauder  Thor Johnson  Arnold Wilson  Curtis Farr  ...More
Categories: Blowjob  Cumshot  Classic  Muscles  Uncut  Massage 
Description: Lucky Luc's sex-filled vacation includes a rub down by Hollywood masseur Perry Ward followed by a scorching scene with Drummer coverman Rolf Eric Bergman and his black lover Thor. Lucky takes time out to watch HJO cable TV, starring the East Bay Marauder. He ends his holiday with his two pen pals, Arnold Wilson and Curtis Farr. Donning their leathers, they live out the fantasies they've exchanged in their letters. What a trip!
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