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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-17 |
Dirty Tony : Micah gets Tag-Teamed

Logan Scott, Triston Sanchez & Micah

I can't wait to see these two tan muscle bound studs, Luke and Triston, really give it to champion bottom, Micah. And I am absolutely sure that you won't be disappointed in the slightest either. All three begin chatting about their celebrity fantasy fuck sessions before moving on to their craziest party experiences and finally divulging their favorite sexual positions, right before giving them another go just to make sure. Micah is such an instigator and leans in for a threeway kiss before taking over Triston's face completely while Luke salivates as Micah makes his way down South and yanks Triston's smooth uncut cum-slinger out of his shorts and plants it firmly in his throat. While Micah is on blowjob patrol, Luke seizes the opportunity and sucks Triston's tongue into his own mouth before Triston makes a broken daisy-chain and begins sucking Luke's cock and pulling his shirt off. Triston is the next to go topless as Luke helps him out of his remaining clothes and Micah remains downstairs sucking on it for the ride of his life like a sexy barnacle. Next the two decide it's Micah's turn to get naked, so they throw him on the couch, surround him and pull his clothes in each of their directions until all that is left is a smooth and toned twink with a chubby cut dick who is ready to swallow some more cocks. The 2 tops waste no time both getting onto their knees hovering over Micah's head while he alternates between sucking Triston and Luke and using his free hands to work the mouthless ones. All this suction really gets Triston in the mood to plug Micah's hole up with some Latin flesh, so he lays back into the sofa and Micah stretches his hole as much as he comfortably can, while squeezing that snake up deep into his pipes and throating Lukes hardon like a ping-pong ball bouncing back and forth. After a considerable workout in this particular configuration, Luke takes his turn plowing Micah's constrictive velvety rectum on his hands and knees while he takes Triston's dick into his mouth directly after fucking his asshole. Finally Micah gets into his favorite position to unload and kicks his legs up in the air while Triston pummels his prostate and Luke hurls globs of baby-batter all over his young face. Not wanting to miss a drop, Micah takes Luke back into his mouth as he sucks him dry and simultaneously jerks a massive load all over his body with Triston continuing to rhythmically destroy his hole. In a grande finale, Triston finally arrives in orgasm-land, ripping his big brutal dick fresh from Micah's pink fruit and proceeding to douse his sculpted stomach and neck with gallons pearly white man juice, which Micah immediately licks up. What an exhaustingly hot demonstration of the true power of testosterone!
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