Homo Office

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DescriptionDirector: Jörg Andreas
Featuring: Christian Wilde, Max Gruber, Spencer Reed, Tyson Tyler and Sergi Serrano
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Big Dicks, Blacks, Bukkake, Cumshot, Interracial, Office, Rimming, Shaved, Sucking, Suit, Tattoo, Threesome, Wanking

A man in a suit is sexy! On the outside, he’s respectable and unapproachable, but underneath the suit lurks a pig.

Jeff is just about to have a smoke when bearded sexpot Spencer suddenly appears. Spencer stuffs his monster cock and a cucumber into Jeff’s mouth. Advanced training for executives: Christian and Damian show their co-worker how double penetration works.
Sergi goes wild when he sees a muscular ass. He pulls down Adam’s pants and nails him on top of a desk. If the boss wants to pork him occasionally, the cock-hungry intern is happy to take care of that. Work is fun! This gay porn movie is fun too. Homo Office - the gay porn office report!

01 • JP Dubois & Dave Vizu
Upload: 28.06.2012 16 minutes
Tags: Big Dicks, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Office, Rimming, Sucking, Suit, Wanking
When colleagues become fuck-buddies office routine is going to be smoothly. JP gives office newcomer Dave a brief introduction to image processing on the computer. They become so intimate that JP has to ram his cock first into Dave's mouth and then in his ass. Once JP has fucked Dave, he shoots his juice directly in Dave's face and leaves used Dave simply lying on the desk.

02 • Sergi Serrano & Adam Herst
Upload: 19.07.2012 13 minutes
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Rimming, Sucking, Suit
Two gay muscle bulls, Sergi and Adam, share an office. Their huge bodies and their fat cocks are hemmed in chic suits and narrow ties, still swaths of testosterone are hanging in the air. When Adam bends over for a short time only, Sergi can't stand it longer. His fat cock is almost bursting out of his pants and he has to grope Adams great ass. Sexual harassment in the workplace! But Adam has been waiting for it: pants down, legs wide, and in no time Sergis thick dick has penetrated this willing asshole.

03 • Max Gruber & Cédric Hof
Upload: 09.08.2012 12 minutes
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Sucking, Suit
Gay sex between men in suits. Manly Cédric needs some piece of hot meat for lunch. Therefore, he meets with the muscular macho Max Gruber for business lunch. For the first course, there is cock sucking. Then Max's is stuffing his thick sausage deep into Cédric's rectum. Finally, he shoots his hot man-juice grunting on Cédric's chest.

04 • Christian Wilde, Damian Boss & Tyson Tyler
Upload: 30.08.2012 16 minutes
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Blacks, Bodyhair, Bukkake, Cumshot, Interracial, Sucking, Suit, Threesome
Three hot men dressed in suits on the way home from the appointment. Handsome Christian invites Damian and Tyson for an aperitif in his apartment. Even before the drinks are served, the pants are down and the cocks are out. Tyson gives the macho-guys in suits head first and then serves them anally. As a reward he gets two dicks as a double-penetration into his tiny hole and the hot cum in his sweet face at the end.

05 • Kieron Knight & Oskar De Soleil
Upload: 06.09.2012 12 minutes
Tags: Beef-Cakes, Big Dicks, Cumshot, Shaved, Sucking, Suit
Gay porn pro Kieron Knight fancies older guys in suits. Oscar seeks submissive bottom-pigs, which he may use to plug his big cock into their mouth and ass. The two meet in an empty office space. Oscar does not hesitate for long. He takes his fat pipe out and lets Kieron giving head. Then he turns Kieron around and shoves his tool into Kieron's tiny ass. When Kieron can't stand it any longer, he sits down on Oscar's big pipe and rams it up his ass until his men's juice squirts and flows.

06 • Spencer Reed & Jeff Stronger
Upload: 20.09.2012 / 13 minutes
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Big Dicks, Cumshot, Rimming, Sucking, Suit, Tattoo
Jeff is just about to have a smoke when bearded sexpot Spencer walks into the break room. After one look at Spencer’s thick bulge, Jeff is down on his knees. Horny Spencer whips out his cock, fucks Jeff’s face and rims his big, round ass. Then he gives Jeff’s ass a rough fucking on the kitchen table and shoves a cucumber from the fridge up Jeff’s asshole. Spencer shoots his load all over Jeff’s beard.

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