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Description4 Masters humiliate a slave. Shoes, feet, socks

The chair on which Master Locha is taking his ease is called slave Uwe..  While the Master is sitting on the loser, he makes him lock his dirty nikes clean. Locha is wearing a long pair of black tracksuit bottoms  and a white T shirt.  He lights himself a cigarette.  He doesn¬ít need an ashtray.  After all, he has his slave. When the Master wants to stub his cigarette out or when he has too much snot in his throat, the slaved has to open his mouth.  It¬ís as simple as that

Master Henny also find it damn handy to have a willing  slave at his feet.  He has to gob just as much as Master Locha.  That means it works well when you have a slave who can use his mouth to  take care of slime.  Master Henny, wearing well worn jeans and white T shirt and  white Nikes, surprises slave Uwe with socks which are extremely dirty and which smell as bad as you could imagine.  But there¬ís more. The Master sits down on Uwe¬ís face and  admits with a grin that he hasn¬ít had a shower for four days.  For the slave, there¬ís no avoiding the mixed smell of arse and cock
When Master Marcel gets on the case,  things are no different  for the slave. Dirty Nikes, spicy socks, sweaty feet, thick snot ¬Ė the Master knows the stuff from which the dreams of BMB slaves are made.  This time, Master Marcel, wearing well worn jeans and a T shirt, uses the slave as a cushion to sit on. He spends minute after minute sitting with his full weight on the loser¬ís face
The slave also gets the full monty from Master Eric. His thighs , hard as steel,  trap the loser¬ís head  as if it is trapped in a thumbscrew and he uses him as an ashtray.  The Master is wearing long dark Adidas tracksuit bottoms, a short sleeved shirt and black adidas trainers.  He gobs into the slave¬ís mouth, slaps him round the chops, makes him lick out his armpits, fresh from a long spot of training, and torments him with minute after minute of facesitting.  Can it be that he manages to force a nasty fart into the slave¬ís mouth?

There¬ís no beating the way in which slave  Uwe is degraded in scene after scene in this video  by four Masterboys.  Really hot and  drawn out sitting and face sitting action make this video into something really special. You can see how much the Masterboys are enjoying humiliating their slave as they sit on his face for minute after minute, fill him up with snot or use him as an ashtray. Not only that, when it comes to the feet scenes then the camera is really close to the action.  The viewer really feels he¬ís  in the thick of it  and being personally humiliated and used as a pice of furniture to be sat on  by the four Masterboys.  In the second half of this video the Masterboys take off their T shirts and reveal their six packs for all to see.
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