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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-20 |
This BNIP collection brings together sex scenes starring BNIP Founder and Webmaster
MITCH HIGHTOWER from the very early days of BNIP filmmaking!  Included are many asked
about favorite scenes from previously discontinued BNIP videos as well as unreleased, heretofore-unseen
archive footage.  You'll see risky public sexual activity and bucknakedness with MITCH and his
BUDS including extensive male nudity, bare erections, masturbation, oral copulation, and much more!
BNIP has assembled the following scenes for your entertainment:

This classic and often asked about scene features MITCH along with BNIP BUD OTTER running naked
around the halls of a large, upscale, downtown high rise hotel.  Our naked BUDS avoid security and other
guests, masturbating in the halls and upper floor lobby area!  (2 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 5 minutes).

Braving cold, late night winter temperatures, MITCH strips naked at a brick commercial building and
streaks across the parking lot for a wank on the corner with busy traffic on the street just steps away!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 2 minutes).

MITCH wanders a known cruisy area in a big field and meets up with a horny pal on the trails.
Our BUDS wank off together in the bushes before being interupted by other hikers.
(2 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 6 minutes).

MITCH is running around naked at an island military base overlooking the Bay Bridge and the City.
This nighttime adventure has our BUD wanking under a street lamp and narrowly avoiding detection!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 6 minutes).

A stunt that generated a lot of mail in the early days of BNIP, this video features MITCH in a busy
airfield.  Or BUD is trim, tan and hard, stripping out of his coveralls while large airliners fly over head.
Planes continue to take off and land at the airport when MITCH is discovered by a passerby who joins
the action!  The stranger and MITCH share a mutual wank and MITCH also gets a killer blow job
from his new pal!  MITCH and the stranger both pop a load amidst the weeds in the airfield as does
the BNIP cameraman!  (3 BNIP BUDS, 3 cum shots, 10 minutes).

MITCH has climbed up on the corner balcony of a brick office complex and gets himself boned-up
with vehicle traffic passing right nearby.  Standing under a dim porch light, MITCH strips off his shirt,
drops his pants and pulls on his boner until he spunks on the brick balcony and his fist.
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 5.5 minutes).

MITCH and a hunky BUD are hiking around an abandoned rock quarry, popular with joggers and
in view of large, expensive custom homes on a hillside.  In sweltering heat, both MITCH and his pal get
naked and very busy with some mutual jacking.  MITCH orally services the ample meat of his pal, while
naked on his knees in the quarry field.  Both our BUDS get mighty sweaty in the hot sun and MITCH
winds up covered in spunk!  (2 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 14 minutes).

Many still images of MITCH from early BNIP adventures and
photo shoots are included in this video photo album set to music.
(Over 50 images, 5 minutes).

CLASSIC JACK features 8 chapters, 9 spunk shots and stars your wild BNIP Webmaster
MITCH HIGHTOWER and several of his early BNIP BUDS.  All participants are grown-up men
in the 28-40+plus age range.  STRICTLY ADULT XXX CONTENT.  Total running time: 53.5 minutes.
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