ClothedMaleNakedMale - The Debt Collectors (all 5 parts)

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The big bulging muscleman refuses to give up any of his expensive toys, but that doesn't worry the debt collectors. They have unusual methods for making him pay now that he's stark naked. Meanwhile, the beleaguered man in the office stands helplessly exposed between the two officers while they insistently jerk his todger. This documentary reveals the depraved depths to which some men will sink when they are desperate and under pressure from the authorities.

Time total: 41m47s
Resolution: 960x540

The Debt Collectors - Part 1: 213 Mb
The Debt Collectors - Part 2: 186 Mb
The Debt Collectors - Part 3: 127 Mb
The Debt Collectors - Part 4: 154 Mb
The Debt Collectors - Part 5: 106 Mb

2015-10-11 02:15:46
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