♺ The Best of Sneek Peek 4 - MAN-SIZED LOADS - Sneek Peek Productions - Marine, Officer, Football Player & Plumber

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This collection features 4 rugged straight men in their hottest Sneek Peek performances. Military hunks TAYLOR and JUSTIN, football jock JEREMY and blue-collar babe GIANNI are seduced by Vinnie's expert techniques and give up some Man-Size Loads! Two hours of sexy conversation, hand jobs, blowjobs and huge spurting cocks! Includes previously released scenes from SPP18 Get It Str8 #4, SPP12 Just Too Str8 and SPP23 Get It Str8 Again #2. DVD has scene selection and 3 minute chapters.

6'5'', 205 lbs., 28 year old Naval Officer

After calling the number on a business card he got at the adult bookstore, Taylor arrives at my pad late in the evening. He's a little bit nervous, asks a lot of questions and thinks he's heard of Sneek Peek Productions before!? As he gets more comfortable he strips down and massages the big bulge in his boxer briefs. Soon he's pulling out a 9.5?? monster cock! Taylor says he's not used to having a man touch him but when I start to stroke his cock it gets real hard in my hand. I bring him close several times before kicking it up a notch. After licking the head of his shaft I dive deep down on his torpedo and you won't believe the payload this guy delivers! Taylor launches huge spurts all over my face and down my throat! ''I'm a little freaked out! I'm really surprised you did that!'' he says. ''Do all those porn guys go through the same thing? I'll bet you have more fun interviewing women!'' Uh...well...I really don't think he's seen a Sneek Peek video after all.

5'11'', 200 lbs., 24 year old US Marine

This beefy stud is a college friend of Zack's (SPP66 Zack Attack) and a tried and true US Marine who's done his time in Iraq. After his daily grind at the public works department, Justin stops by for a beer and then I quickly get him started. This guy is a grow-er not a show-er, so watch his ''Irish Pride'' expand to 8'' in his hand as he works it over. When he gets close to losing it he moans and groans then throws his head back and blows a huge creamy load on his massive thigh. Hoorah! Devil Dog! Outstanding!

6'2'', 200 lbs., 19 year old college jock

Freshman football jock Jeremy stops by to audition for what he thinks is a straight porno. Jeremy gets naked, stretches out on my bed and he's soon sporting a boner with the help of some lube and my hand. While I'm stroking him, Jeremy says ''My favorite sex is blowjobs, I cum real quick that way!'' Well, faster than a speeding bullet I'm sucking on that huge man-meat and making Jeremy pop a creamy load. After a cigarette break he's good to go again and after a little more suckin' and strokin', Jeremy unloads an even bigger nut the second time! I hear my college buddy is now a wide receiver who likes to play the field!

5'11'', 185 lbs., 27 Year old plumbing contractor

When Gianni arrives straight from the gym he looks a little disappointed that there are no girls waiting. I make him strip down and while he talks about the date who gave him the blowjob from hell, I lube him up and start stroking his monster cock. I let him play with himself for a time and engage him in conversation about the porn flick and when I ask him to stand up we get to see his beautiful ass. Gianni says he hurt his ''stroking'' hand at the gym so I offer to help him out. He's reluctant at first and he lets me continue, but when I move in to suck his cock he pulls away. I offer him more money to let me stroke off his nut and he agrees. Gianni soon expels an amazing load six feet across the room!

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