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Petr Said & Robin Valej

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DescriptionI got the idea for the Purification Scene one day while riding the tram back from the super-market. Riding in the tram's apse, at the very rear, was a young guy holding lantern containing a burning candle. He set my fantasies running amok. He must be heading somewhere special with that lantern. I wish I knew. Very quickly I dreamed up the Purification Scene. It took months to import the Monk's habit. I had the Opus Dei 'discipline' (whip) built to scale. Then I went to Prague's Catholic store. They had over a thousand rosaries on sale. Immediately, I spotted the largest, blingy one. I pointed it out to the little old ladies who ran the place. At first they thought I was pointing to smaller, more modest rosaries. After a couple of attempts, I directed their attention to the huge one. They kind of looked like, 'are we finally going to sell this thing?' Later, I realized that lots of young guys wear gaudy rosaries purely as jewelry, but not quite that big. Now, I was ready to shoot the scene. The first young lad absolutely agreed to bottom. It became apparent this was clearly a ruse. On the day, he tried every manipulation to switch his roll from catcher to pitcher. With any other script, it might have worked, but not this script. So, half way through the shoot, the scene had to be scrapped. The next day, recast, we shot the scene without hitch. However, on the 'B Roll' Miro said the tram was so crowded, there was no space for the young guy to stand in the asp at the back. Skoda. I'm very happy the release of this scene coincides with Papa Bergoglio's visit to the USA. Maybe he will see it and enjoy. Maybe not. We first see Petr as he rides on the tram, holding his candle latern. He then walks up to a door and announces hismelf, whereupon he is allowed to enter. Then we see Robin in his monk's habit, as he undresses Petr, removing his shirts and revealing his rather large crucifix that hangs down to his waist. Robin continues to undress Petr until he is naked. Then he takes some white material and ties it around Petr's waist, pulling the tail through the legs and tucking it in to cover Petr's equipment. Robin then begins the task of beating on Petr's back with his whip as the young man holds his rosary. Then Petr has to lick Robin's feet, going down on his knees to do so. Robin then takes some cloth, soaked in water and begins to wash Petr's slim body. He pours some of the water over Petr and continues to wash him, turning him around to do his back.Then he kneesl and washes the ass cheeks and the legs. Having washed him and poured more water over Petr Robin removes the modesty cloth and turns Petr around. Petr's cock is rock hard as he turn and he is pushed to his knees. Robins opens his habit and his dick it big and hard too. He guides Petr's head to the cock and slides it into his mouth. Robin starts to fuck Petr's mouth as he holds his head in place. When the cock has been sucked enough Robin bends Petr over and slides his cock into the tight ass that becomes available. Petr is bent over, arms spreadeagled and tied as he takes that cock. Robin holds onto Petr's rosary for leverage as he fucks nice and deep. Petr moans as he takes the big dick in his ass. As he fucks Robin also spanks on Petr's ass. He moves Petr, onto his back, legs up and tied, so that his ass is available again. Robin fucks that ass, hold Petr's cock up using the rosary. Robin is soon rady to cum and pulls out, wanking his cock to unload the cum over Petr's tight little ass hole. He pushes the cock back into the hole and then as he pulls it out again he lets Petr wank himself and shoot his creamy cum too.
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