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BG East Wrestling Alexi Adamov vs Johnny Firestorm

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DescriptionSexy Alexi is still smarting from his brutal initiation at the hands of Brad Rochelle in THE CONTRACT. He went back to the gym and added about another fifteen pounds of muscle to an already amazing physique - and he's bitter. He's heard the locker room talk about him being another easy jobber, and that's a fate he's determined to avoid. Jonny was also battered by Brad, and others! And now both find themselves at that BG crossroads: Two young wrestlers with something to prove-a victory over the other means vindication and validation. This is going to be one nasty grudge match as Jonny attacks Alexi before they even hit the mats! They battle on the grass, move to the mats and then back into the grass again with neither wrestler getting an advantage until Alexi, fighting fire with fire, strips Johnny's shirt and power slams him onto the mats! As Jonny tries to get his breath back, Sexy Alexi chokes him with his own shirt! The tone is now set! The holds come fast and furious. Alexi drops all of his huge weight advantage onto Jonny's abs and delivers a gruesome gutbashing. But Alexi underestimates Jonny's speed, skill and determination and winds up on the receiving end of a crunching camel clutch! And that's just for starts!
Jonny goes on the attack again, calling Alexi a "muffin", beating him with his own shoes, stripping him of his shorts to reveal his eye-popping silver bikini. "You like choking people with their own clothes?" Jonny taunts, and starts whaling away on the hapless Russian stud. Then he finds a push broom and starts beating Alexi with that as well! It looks like the Russian is doomed to go down yet again as Jonny applies another camel - but Alexi is not about to go down or go away. A couple of well placed elbows and Jonny is down..and now it's AlexI's turn to beat the crap out of Jonny! He strips Jonny out of his shorts, easily lifting and body slamming him and beating Jonny with HIS shoes. Ah, and that push broom is still within reach! The beating rages on, with Alexis rage boiling over and Jonny moaning in pain as Alexi keeps cranking it up, before finally forcing him to submit to a brutal camel clutch of his own. Alexi then contemptuously grabs the push broom. "Need to clean up this mess," he sneers, "looks like there's some birdshit on the mats," and then sweeps Jonny off into the grass! The final fall is even more intensely brutal, and one of the youngsters gets a come-uppance in a manner that would make the Brooklyn Bodywrecker proud. Superb!
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