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Joe Robbins vs Braden Charron Wrestling

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DescriptionAfter being left a sweaty puddle of muscle in the ring, Braden is furious. Insisting that a cheap shot gave Joe an advantage in their ring brawl, he stormed into The Boss' office and demanded another match with the big man. The Boss isn't much into rematches - after all, he reasons, why would anyone want to watch a schmuck get his ass kicked a second time by the same stud - but he senses that this one - this one could be something special. Braden is fired up with a passion for revenge The Boss has never seen before - and of course Big Joe fears no one, especially not some loser he's already humiliated. But The Boss throws a twist at the two studs - both are pros accustomed to fighting in the ring - so why not a match in the notorious mat room? Two men walk in, one walks out! Anxious to get revenge, Braden agrees - unaware he's walked into another one of The Boss' nefarious traps. He doesn't know that before training for pro, Joe was a champion amateur wrestler - which almost certainly guarantees another Brutal Beating for Braden!

Joe enters the mat room first, in a tight pink(!) singlet that caresses every inch of his fine muscle. As he goes through his warm up routine of stretches, crunches, and bridges - his amateur background is apparent. And cocky Braden, somehow convinced that this time Joe is going to be HIS bitch, shows up wearing the same bikini he wore in the ring - and immediately mocks Joe's singlet. "What the hell are you wearing?" he asks, disbelief clearly written on his face. "It's a singlet," Joe replies, and he shows Braden how it shows off his muscles - and it is very impressive. Braden, though, has his own plan - attacking Joe as he poses! But his attempt to gain the advantage fails - Joe is simply more skilled on the mats than he is, and soon Braden is screaming in pain and frustration again as Joe laughs...and soon Braden The Beautiful is screaming out another submission!Losing your temper is never a good idea when wrestling - a lesson Braden clearly hasn't learned. Furious that his sneak attack didn't pay off, he bounces up to his feet and hurls some epithets at Joe - who's kept his cool. He even offers Braden a singlet to wear - that matches his bikini. As Braden struggles to squeeze into the too-tight singlet, he makes a cocky comment about how Joe's singlet "is really too small for all my man muscle."

Joe just rolls his eyes, and playing the gentleman (!) he helps Braden into it - and even offers to give him some wrestling tips! Braden is understandably suspicious - but Joe apparently feels he has nothing to prove and nothing to lose having already mopped the ring with Braden. What follows is a classic clinic in mat wrestling, with Joe surprisingly playing fair. Braden's lack of experience, though, makes him easy prey. Every attempt he makes at bringing Joe down and controlling him is easily countered or reversed - and his frustration and anger bubble to a boil as Joe continues to toy with him.

Pinned yet again, an angry Braden once again attacks Joe while he's posing and showing off his terrific torso - but it's to no avail! Joe is able to reverse and take control again, pinning the muscle boy with ease. But now Joe's over it. "I tried to play nice," he says, attacking a panting Braden! And once Braden screams out yet another humiliating submission, Joe contemptuously tears off the straps of Braden's singlet! He even offers the angry muscle boy a free shot - but as usual, it winds up with Braden screaming in agony again - and this time, Joe strips him down to a sexy, glorious bun-baring thong!

But being stripped so contemptuously seems to do something to Braden - and this time, he finds his inner heel! Joe is sent sprawling, and Braden strips the big man out of HIS singlet! As he lands a few stomps, including one to Joe's balls, a whole new Braden seems to be emerging...one determined to get payback once and for all - or go down trying!
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