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Original upload: 2021-11-17 15:16:39 |
When you have two hot, horny, young guys eager and ready to go at it and get to some fucking, why wait?! Jared and Adam are the two hot, horny, young guys eager and ready to fuck here, and we wasted no time at all letting them do precisely that.

These guys were all over one another the instant the cameras started rolling. Through the kissing and the sucking, it's obvious to all of us watching they could not wait to get their hands on one another. It's clear, had these guys met out and about on the street or online, it would not have been long before one was balls deep in the other - I'm just glad we were the ones who got them to meet, and our cameras were there to capture what happened after!

We all know Jared has a hot ass, and Adam most certainly was thinking the same thing as he planted his face against it so he could bury his tongue in it. He wanted to get Jared's hole ready and slick with spit so he could fuck it, and his enthusiastic rimjob leads to precisely that as his dick takes the place of his tongue. At that point, it's two hot, horny, young guys having blazing hot sex!
2021-11-24 19:03:30
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