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Dr. Penis Erectus from Latino Fan Club uses the tried and true doctor/patient exam premise, but director Brian Brennan's advantage is his performers, who are instinctively good actors and are gutbucket hot. These urban dawgz are natural from head to toe, warranting an A+ from this reviewer.

Dr. Oliver is a handsome, lecherous bastard. He learned his trade kneeling before Dr. Joey Albano, the legendary cocksman and head honcho at the Eastside Clinic, who believes that the remedy for the ailments of all hot boyz is a lowdown suckin' and fuckin'.

Studly intern, Alejandro, first checks G. Q.'s heart, then decides to examine his balls and butt hole for lumps. Alejandro's physical requires that he and G. Q. get completely naked in the exam room. After some mutual cocksucking, Alejandro gives up his hairy brown hole to G. Q.! Afterwards, with G. Q. on his belly, Alejandro climbs aboard and gives the intern his own deep rectal exam. Shot from the rear, we see the splendid magnificence that is Alejandro.

In for a sprained ankle, superstar Viper is asked to strip nude. He's puzzled, but he complies. G.Q. (now an intern) assists Dr. Erectus with his sexy patient. Viper's cock swells to full erection, prompting both medics to shed their scrubs to administer "the treatment" to their big-dicked client. Viper ends up laying serious pipe to both these tramps, and Bingo, ankle healed!

Macho is a hot bodybuilder who comes in seeking steroids. Homicide is the intern who has him get naked and calls for Dr. Junior. To reduce his tension, they convince him to lie down and cleverly maneuver him into accepting a blowjob. This three-way turns into a four-way when Domingo, the janitor, joins in. The result is quadruple cum geysers.

The stunning Pete Ramos thinks he's taken too much Viagra. Dr. Erectus sees that there's only one remedy. Intern G.Q. gives him oral assistance, but Pete needs some hot hole to get his feverish cock to go down. He bones the hole of the intern, who begs Pete to "fuck that pussy!" Ramos then bitch fucks the holy hell out of Dr. Oliver.

Exhausted, G.Q. is awakened by gorgeous Dr. J. T. and cute orderly Luis. A three-way oral orgy ensues. Great deep kissing in this scene.

One of Brian Brennan's best. The additional fuck scenes add to the overall success.

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