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Studfist Fist Frenzy

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DescriptionFist Frenzy features action packed fisting from Studfist.

Furred David Novak gets one wet kiss from the hot muscled and tattooed Amerifist and then they get right to business. David is immediately down on all fours and Amerifist gets handy right away inserting four thick fingers. David calmly lets out moans of “Yeah” as Amerifist massages his loosened hole with his entire fist. The expressions on David’s face indicate that Amerifist knows what he’s doing and he eases his wrist deeper and deeper. Ready for some intense play, Amerifist gives David a lube job by inserting the lube bottle in his hole, wetting his cavern well so he can penetrate further into the man cave. Excited, David’s cock is like a rock poking out of the jock, and he strokes it well as Amerifist massages David’s colon with punches, opening him wider and exposing red rawness. On his back with legs in the air, David lets Amerifist get his rhythm, lifting his pelvis off the bed and jerking his cock until he shoots globs onto his furry chest.

The dominating and naked Amerifist briefly makes out with Nicolas Torri, the slim muscled hunk in a jock strap. Nicolas likes cock and is on his knees in no time wrapping his willing lips around Amerifist’s stiff and thick meat. Swallowing and lapping at it, Nicolas looks up to Amerifist for approval and then gets the signal to assume the position, which he does willingly. On all fours, Amerifist rims Nicolas well and the grabs onto his hips and pile drives him hard and fast, pounding his massive meat deep preparing Nicolas for the frenzy his fists will deliver. Nicolas gets on his back, shoots his legs in the air and gives Amerifist a clear view of wide hole, which he starts to probe with his hand. Nicolas rises to the occasion; hard cock popping out of his strap and exposing his ball and taint jewelry. Burying his arm past the wrist, Amerifist is rewarded with guttural groans and moans from Nicolas who gets punched until his rose protrudes. Back on all fours Nicolas’s gaping well takes Amerifist nearly to the elbow, leading to the final frenzy of Nicolas jerking his meat with Amerifist massaging his hole well leading to an explosion of cum.

GermanFistRider is adorned is his gas mask, red jock and combat boots holding his legs far above his head and giving Amerifist a clear look at his pale ass and insatiable hole. GermanFistRider pushes his fully bloomed pink flower, then throws his legs well over his head ass pointing toward the ceiling and Amerifist stands over him and starts plunging down with jabs and thrusts of his meaty fist causing GermanFistRider’s flower to grow even bigger. On all fours, GermanFistRider takes more punishment from Amerifist, screaming and barking in approval as he bounces and jostles back onto Amerifist’s arm.

After making out, Amerifist begins to remove Hayden1970’s pants and massage his hole with his latex gloved hands. Amerifist leaves Hayden’s clothes on, bends him over a table and begins fingering and spreading this eager subject’s sphincter. After getting loosened up, Hayden doggies up onto the table providing Amerifist with a perfect target for his furious gloved paws. Pulling his pants down to his ankles, Hayden spread his legs and allows his hole to gape and open to accept more of Amerifist’s arm, and then two hands side by side. Up on the table squatting down, Hayden rocks back onto Amerifist with immense pleasure coursing through his body and engorging his cock. Now standing Hayden serves as Amerifist’s puppet as he jerks his cock. For dessert, Hayden lies back on the table, legs in the air and allows his hole to be punished while he beats his uncut meat to a gusher of cum."
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