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1987, bareback twinks.  Dir.:  Peter Hunter.  50 min.

The cast of two consists of very young mophead players who look like Farrah Fawcett clones, each with a bushel of blow dried, feathered-back hair. With gentle, romantic sucking and fucking with some very exotic jack off mixed in, however, this one packs quite an erotic punch.
When lack shows up at Dexter's apartment and finds him in a pair of terrycloth shorts, you know you're in flashback territory. The boys immediately retire to the den where lack strips to bikini underwear, applies baby lotion to his prick and starts jacking. These boys could be twins - they have very long hair down their backs, skinny pale bodies with no hair, and thin gold chain necklaces straight out of the late 70s. The guys j.o. for a while side by side on the bed, then lack (or is it Dex?) lubes up his buddy's dick and sits on it before they return to masturbation. Some great camera angles enhance this scene, and the players often look straight into the lens as they stroke off, smiling naturally and happily as they show pit hair and pump - this is a twink lover's dream. Then there is a quick cut to a solo with lack jerking himself off as he stands against a chair.
Please understand that this boy has, full-on feathered, blow dried hair - a veritable mane of it - and there's quite a bit of definition to his trim, boyish torso which is punctuated by a grade A hard-on. He's quite the jack officer, too, using both hands and positioning his prick in front of the camera for maximum effect as he spews runny cum. Next up, Dex has a jerk off scene of his own, this time positioned on a light table. Think the illuminated floor in "Saturday Night Fever," ok? It's actually quite atmospheric, with the light flashing from bright white to pink, lighting up the boy's dong as he jerks off and licks his lips. His prick is quite big, too, and grounded by a set of tight, round balls that really do look (despite the clich�d simile) like two eggs lashed together. Like his pal, he's not shy about adoring his own bod, caressing his legs and torso with his harder pecker bouncing around and finally spewing out a load. This scene is artful and erotic, especially if you're into teen boys, and after the cumshot Dex keeps at it, going up on all fours and milking himself amidst a fantastic dry ice effect, with what looks like a dozen or more little jets pumping fog around the cute model as he continues to masturbate.
For the final scene, the action returns to the bedroom where the boys are together again, talking and then trading blowjobs in the soft light filtering through the window. It's a tender, cinematic scene between these pretty young things which soon evolves into anal sex, with the twin-like players lying on their sides while one slowly penetrates the other, gently fucking him while he jerks himself off. As the curtain comes down, they rise up on the bed and screw, their full manes of Charlie's Angel hair being tossed around before they fall back on the bed and jizz out jets of boy cream. This vid works quite well, the fact that it stars only two models notwithstanding. It really showcases the boys, who seem to be genuinely attracted to each other, and their striking resemblance to each other will not be lost on fans of the "brothers should do it� sub-genre. The artistic direction is also a nice change and resists falling prey to corniness - fans of young 70s guys will not want to miss this one.

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