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Original upload: 2015-12-18 |
This weeks wrestling team try-outs have produced some really good studs. Unfortunately, the ones that dont make the team are the ones that catch my eye. Dazed, confused, depressed, rejected, these studs let their guards down enuff for me to take advantage of their momentary weakness. Take this pint-sized stud. Incredibly lean, ripped up compact tight muscle body, just wasn't good enuff to make the team. I tell him to meet in the Coach's Office for some one-on-one man talk. Totally blindsided when i sneak up behind him, he puts up quite a fight for a lil guy. Screaming for help, begging to be let go, he cant figure out what or who is doing this to him. Nothing feels better then sliding our hand down a muscled chest under a wrestling singlet, seeing and feeling that muscled body jump, squirm, and struggle is heavenly. Especially when they are so young and as fresh and clean as this lil stud. Watch his reaction as his big dick, big balls gets touched and sucked off by another guy for the VERY FIRST TIME. Sucked, kissed, licked all over, ball torture, ball sucking, jerked off, theres nothing i didnt do to this stud. The disgust can be heard, but his excitement can definately be seen.... Enjoy dudes !!
2022-11-26 20:03:15
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