Muscle Penitentiary

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DescriptionBack in the '60s and '70s, hard-core porn was illegal unless it had "redeeming social, cultural or educational value," according to the Supreme Court. To get around this, gay porn magazines would print really weird pseudo-sociological essays that would be "illustrated" by graphic photos. The best - and most explicit - magazine was "Ecce Homo."

Muscle Penitentiary is like those old magazines. The sex scenes are fine, but each one is introduced by a bizarre title card that describes the situation of men in prisons. For example, one card talks about regulations involving showers, and it’s immediately followed by a hot and heavy shower scene. It’s all really dumb, and totally unnecessary, but I guess Blue Blake isn’t up on his obscenity law.

Also, if you’re expecting a good and nasty jailbait rape video, either be prepared to wait a while, or else keep looking. Except for the last scene, this is a very accommodating prison population. With apologies to Mel Brooks, these guys are "Prisoners of Lust." All that being said, like a slowly stiffening cock, Muscle Penitentiary grows on you. Blake’s Big Blue Productions specializes in bodybuilder sex, and while only one or two cast members could make the Mr. Universe cut, most of the chests are plenty ripped. (The one exception is the ever-lean Mr. Hunt. He has only one really big muscle, but it’s the one that counts!)

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