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Original upload: 2015-05-04 |
Superman Tickled - ManUpBitches

Evil Alex Adams has Superman bound by kryptonite rope with his legs spread below him.
Alex pulls Superman¡¦s boots off, telling him he will be keeping them as a trophy, then procedes to play with his socked feet. As her creeps on Superman¡¦s feet, Alex quickly realizes just how ticklish the man of steel is¡K
He tickles him through his socks, then bare feet. Even the sensation of Alex¡¦s tongue between Superman¡¦s toes drives him crazy. As Superman struggles more, Alex puts his foot on Superman¡¦s balls to keep him still.
After Alex is satisfied, he stands over Superman, plotting his next move while the man of steel wimpers beneath him.
to be continued¬°K

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